I have to be honest it was not the best of starts this morning. Wet and the forecast not too promising. As I cycled up to the showground I thought I might be the only one to show but as I got to the squash club I was pleased to see other like minded members. When Tim (who didn’t ride) took the photo our numbers had swelled to nine . Within minutes it had exploded to seventeen. As I was the only designated leader to show everyone agreed to follow. Splitting into 2 groups with Tim(1) and Yvonne leading a slightly quicker group and myself the rest we headed for Low Bridge in the rain. The EG’s were meeting up so they were just as daft. All was not lost however as by the time we regrouped outside Farnham the rain had stopped. In Bishop Monkton Alison, Margaret and Liz P peeled off for a shorter ride. After Littlethorpe Paul went off to Ripon leaving just five in my group. Out through Skelton into Boroughbridge and it was a really becoming a pleasant ride. Roads drying out and I think I saw blue sky. We got into Plenty ok. The service was quick and efficient. As we left it started raining a little but it gave up by the time we got to Minskip. Yvonne/Tim’s group passed us by Staveley. They’d refreshed at Yolk. We weren’t far behind at Farnham ,where James left for home, and we took the Lingerfield loop to Knaresborough. Both groups ‘regrouped’ at the golf club and we said our fond farewells. Turned out to be a good ride and conditions also good compared with 9.30. Thanks to Tim and Yvonne. Thanks to my co-riders. 35 miles for me. Colin B

Wednesday Wanderers Group 1 (Route 193 Ripon, Skelton on Ure, Boroughbridge) Not sure how it happened, but Tim got me to volunteer to write the ride report for our group.

The wet morning meant that only the dedicated or foolhardy, depending on your point of view, turned out for the Wednesday rides.  The forecast was for sun after lunch so we put up with the morning rain looking forward to an afternoon suntan. We split into 2 groups with Tim 2 leading our group of 7 (Tim 2, Derek, John, Lesley, Yvonne, Colette and Gordon) and Colin leading the remaining riders. The start was damp but the rain lessened as we cycled.  By the time we got to Farnham Derek was stripping off his waterproofs. Yvonne was quoting Shakespeare which was lost on me.  Colette suggested we all recite a sonnet, but thankfully this was forgotten as John sped us forward. Derek informed us that the long bamboo type crop was used to make wood pellets and is extensively grown in Lincolnshire. This was going to be a very educational ride.

We cycled on to Ripon where there was a photo and discussion on waterproof gloves.  Three of the group had the same gloves.  There were something like ‘Old Goat’ or ‘Nanny Goat’ or ‘Billy Goat – Gruff’.  With my hearing and memory it may have been ‘stoat’.  We continued to Boroughbridge for lunch.  We were turned away at Plenty as there was ‘No room at the inn’.  I suspect that Colin has phoned ahead to reserve tables for his group.

John suggested Yolk which was a new experience for many of us.  They had 2 tables available and we declined the one with the swings as seats.  As it was a farm shop and café the bacon, eggs and sausage were recommended.  Although, my egg was overcooked and not runny L. The food was good but a little on the pricey side compared to some of our other venues but the service was fast. The sandwiches came with 2 hash browns which was a nice surprise. Colette did not want hers, so forced me to eat them for her.  It was a struggle but I managed. I declined Lesley’s hash browns as I did not want to appear even greedier than I already did. The lightshades were colanders and fruit boxes which was a nice touch.

After lunch we emerged to another rain shower rather than the promised sunshine.  But this soon cleared.  Some of the group went to pet the large pigs that were in a nearby pen.  Although, I suspect Derek was working out how many bacon sandwich each pig would provide. Colin’s group passed the café as we regrouped forcing us to put a burst of speed on to catch up. A drier ride back to Farnham, where Derek left us, then Knaresborough where we parted our ways.

Thanks to Yvonne for the photos. Thanks to everyone for a great ride, conversation and hash browns. Hope to get an A* for effort and B+ for style on my essay J.  Let me know next time we ride. Miles: 33.4 (Others did more), Average Speed: 13.25 mph, Calories: 973 for me – more for those who worked harder – less for those with electric bikes, Front Gear Changes: 24 (a lot less than expected I must have lost count), Rear Gear Changes: 90. Gordon T.