Medium Ride

Two hardy souls, Yvonne and Paul, joined me at the Showground today on what turned out to be a good mornings ride. Although Paul was spotted putting heaters in his gloves he later admitted they were a bit on the warm side and apart from fingers and toes we were adequately dressed and kept reasonably warm with Yvonne’s pace! (Thank goodness for my e-bike). A route to “The Millstones” above Kettlesing on the A59 was chosen, purely for research purposes on the coffee and cakes and proved to be a good choice, although the service was a bit on the slow side due to technical problems in the kitchen. The sun kept promising to come out and did put in a brief appearance, subsequently followed by a few random snow flakes as we headed home up Pennypot and over Little Almscliffe. Nice company and a good dose of fresh air – what more could you want on a Wednesday morning when the forecast was a bit grim! James G.