Short Ride

There were 7 takers for the short ride this Wednesday and for our efforts, we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Signs of spring everywhere, with snow drops aplenty, and early daffodils along Abbey Road, in particular. The hedgerows also showing signs of waking up! Hallelujah!
We enjoyed a bumpy pedal along the bridle path between Copgrove and Roecliffe, and I am pleased to report that G. did manage to fenagle his three wheeler round the side of the 2 gates along the track. Phew! We took a gentle pace through Bishop Monkton and back to Knaresborough via Farnham.
We enjoyed a cuppa, various treats and a good chat at The Ugly Ducking in Knaresborough, after which we spit in different directions for the final stage home. A great day out, and a good dodge of the snow which was to follow the day after! Thanks for your company all. Sarah

Wednesday Ride

James devised a lovely ride south east to Bramham and Tadcaster. He was joined by Kevin, Paul, Yvonne, Tim 2 and Sarah, with Kevin and Paul opting for their own diversion and an early coffee after Linton. Temperatures ranged from -2 to a balmy 4 degrees, and the February sunshine was cheering, as were swathes of snowdrops and even some early daffodils.

Yvonne’s anticipation of a slap up feed at Roast was squashed (closed), and there was disappointment at the Lemon Tree, Tadcaster (full). But the Wise Owl community café in Boston Spa was the answer (excellent).

Brightness, views and great chat – 70km & 750m of up, with Tim’s new bike (mostly) behaving itself. Thanks everyone.

Sarah S

Wednesday Wanderers

Fourteen Wanderers met at the showground, so we split into two groups of seven.  Leaving the faster riders to find their own way, I led the more relaxed group out, having first circled the car park to get behind them and persuade them to begin.

Out by Rudding Park to Follifoot, the roads were largely dry and entirely ice free, and we were bathed in sunshine and followed by the gentlest of breezes.  Taking the minor road to Whixley, three of us crossed the railway before the crossing keeper announced the imminent arrival of the 10.30 from Knaresborough.  The other four wouldn’t play chicken so we waited…why is there never a train strike when you need one ?

After the Dunsforths (silence please) Sally insisted on burning some rubber so we two arrived at the Hideaway a couple of hours before the other five, just as the fast group were finishing their lunch.  They greeted us kindly, if pityingly, before heading for home at speed.

With the church clock standing at ten to one, it looked as if we might make it back in daylight – and thanks to sterling work by Colin as whipper – in (back marker does him no justice, he’s much more than that), we did.  But not before a demonstration by Sally of her pole dancing skills.  Where did she learn that ?  The photo shows her in cycling gear.  You should see the others!

We broke ranks at the top of Knaresborough Hill leaving me to lead Liz back to the showground.  I soon got lost.  She rescued me, to reflect on a great day out with wonderful company, lovely weather, quiet roads and gentle Yorkshire scenery.  Thanks, everyone.

Mike the vet