Wednesday Ride

Happy New Year to everyone at Wheel Easy and there were several other things I was going to say with my announcements today but no-one turned up to play! Well that’s not strictly true. Steve cycled in from Whixley, new member Ian joined us, Colin, Mike, Mike and Chris made up a group heading towards Wetherby while James, Kevin, Paul and I headed there too. It was wild but we stayed upright and were ready for a coffee in Wetherby just as the entire town had a power cut. In the interests of taking James home which is a regular talking point we cycled to Knaresborough and had an excellent cafe stop at the Black Mulberry along with another large group from York. 27 miles, very windy, thrilling and scary at times but we all made it home and a good start to the riding year. Gia



Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Happy New Year WE members. Well the weather this morning certainly blew away the Christmas and New Year cobwebs. Six wanderers were up for a gusty ride out to Bramham and Thorp Arch including new member Ian on his debut ride. Into a head wind to Burn Bridge was difficult but the tail wind over Walton Head to Kirby Overblow was brilliant. Chris left us here due to commitments and the rest of us sailed over Sicklinghall and Linton. Bit of a cross wind up Jewitt Lane into Bramham and Boston Spa. Getting to the cafe at Thorp Arch was a relief and the refreshments gave us a boost. Steve W left us for home and we remaining four faced the head wind challenge into Wetherby and then some relief up the cycle path by the A168 before turning back into the wind towards Little Ribston. It was bad but could have been worse. I departed for Knaresborough as the rest struggled over to Spofforth and home. I hope Ian hasn’t been ‘put off’ and that we will see him again. My thanks to my co-riders. 35 windy miles for me. Colin B