EG’s Ride

What, a grey day?

The grey clouds didn’t put off the Old Farts sorry EG’s! Four gathered at Low Bridge and decided on a modest ride anti clockwise ride to Easingwold. 

The usual route through Arkendale and over Aldwark Bridge under a leaden sky, the occasional very brief glimpses of sunshine showing us what might have been but you can’t change the weather, can you? It’s the company that counts on days like this and Dave S, Geoff, Peter B and me Chris Bee made good progress mostly keeping together or at least close enough to chat as we rode.

The Olive Branch was very welcome and welcoming, not to mention warming where we stopped for sustenance.  It was hard not to mention the Ukraine and the horror that is happening in front of our eyes on TV at least. Having seen more than many we pondered the way history repeats itself. 

Our return route was again the usual, on such a grey day we weren’t missing any stunning views. As we headed through Brafferton etc. I pondered why the strength of a headwind always seem greater than any benefit that the corresponding tail wind provides? At Boroughbridge Peter stopped at Morries for a top up while we three finished our ride via Staveley.

Final farewells were exchanged at Farnham cross roads Dave S and Geoff heading into Knaresboro’ while I went back via Ripley and the Greenway.

A good day out with mates 45 ish miles at 12.5 mph.   Chris Bee

Wednesday Ride

Damp, breezy and cold is about all you can say about this week’s Wednesday ride, but at least we got out for some exercise and fresh air on a shortened trip to Boroughbridge and also a good coffee stop and plenty of social interaction. Thanks to Gia and Yvonne for the photos and turning out and also to Paul and Kevin for the company. James G


On a misty, damp and chilly Wednesday five intrepid Wanderers arrived for the pleasure of cycling. I’m sure some members would have perhaps a more appropriate name for us. We decided to stick with the published route and departed for Burn Bridge , Kirby Overblow and Wetherby. The roads were wet ! but the rain was more drizzle. Pretty good progress was made and as we rode through Clifford and Boston Spa it was agreed Thorp Arch for coffee. I must say it was a welcome stop but to be fair the damp hadn’t penetrated our waterproofs. Four fabulous breakfast sandwiches and one sausage roll and vanilla slice were devoured with relish. One wimp(no names) couldn’t manage all their sandwich. Disgusting. Despite the weather we didn’t really sit around too long and headed off on the cycle track back to Wetherby. The subway under the A1 and A168 was flooded and pretty deep but we safely negotiated it before heading up the cycle track towards Walshford turning off for Little Ribston. Here I departed for Knaresborough while the rest went via Spofforth , Follifoot and home. I won’t deny I was pleased to be home but the ride and company more than made up for the miserable conditions. My thanks to Liz, Mike, David and Paul. 34 miles for me. Colin B

Medium Plus Brisk

Only 3 for Route 133 today – perhaps it was the cold, the wind & the rain in Harrogate that put people off. Up to Burnt Yates and then Peter, Tim (T1) & Tall Tim disappeared into the low cloud as we climbed up to Brimham Rocks. Visibility was down to 20 or 30 yards as we ploughed onto Galphay & then down into Ripon. A long stop in the warmth of Tates followed with Tim R suggesting extending the ride. A vote was taken & Tall Tim lost 1-2. Back out via Skelton where T1 required a battery change to his electronic gears – not easy when you can’t feel your finger tips. It was even harder getting the gloves back on again. Back home via Boroughbridge & Knaresborough Hill where the work of the Sustrans volunteers was clear to see. 41.7 miles.  Tall Tim