EGs Ride

We had a relaxing ride to Thorner Post Office for a spot of lunch in their Garden dining area.

Seven riders turned out; leader Dave W1, Dave W2, Johnny, Jim, Terry and Eric. About 34 Miles in total

Thanks boys. DaveS

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

There wasn’t much appetite for the published ‘Park Rash’ ride, especially with the up and coming challenge rides on Sunday therefore an alternative was agreed. The day started out cooler than anticipated with gilets required. However by the time we hit Knox they were discarded and the sun came out. Clint Bank Lane out of Hampsthwaite, Burnt Yates and Brimham we made good progress. Young Tim left us at the top of Fellbeck to do a Galphay loop whilst we headed towards the ‘Sawley snickett’. It was definitely hotting up – down through the Deer Park where Jonathan left us to return home. Young Tim joined us in the sunshine outside at Tate’s where we also saw the Wanderers. Littlethorpe, Markington and home. Great leg loosener for Sunday’s big one. 40 miles and sunny. Janet G

Wednesday Ride

From the get go we followed Route 148R zigzagging through the town centre to take the Greenway to Ripley, onward to Birstwith and then the very steep Stripe Lane. At the top we paused for an unscheduled focus group which could not claim to be representative but seemed to capture the current mood of the nation. The earlier cloud cover and chill had now been replaced with warm blue skies and beautiful views of the Dales, a perfect cycling day! We rocked on passed the Rocks and flew down the B6265 to Risplith and G & Ts. Whilst sitting outside enjoying our drinks and ice creams another wide ranging discussion began centred around travel experiences not the least Tony and Dave’s camel riding in the desert. The return route took in Sawley and the exciting technical challenge of Low Gate Lane, Fountains and the struggle up How Hill, eventually returning to the Greenway. Thank you to my fellow cyclists Charlie, Tony, Dave, Colette and especially for the photos Yvonne, for being such pleasant and interesting company. 38mi and 2585ft of climbing for me. Tim2

Short Ride

Ten short,gentle riders found their way to Knaresborough via the Beryl Burton. Time to shed layers of kit as the day warmed to perfect cycling weather.

On to Farnham for a drinks break and photo stop before enjoying the midsummer hedgerows on route to Arkendale and Conythorpe. 

What a difference! Trying to cross the A59. It took 10 minutes for all to achieve safe passage. Cyclists and pedestrians deserve better.

On to Goldsborough where we said farewell to Dennis, and then on to our scenic refreshment stop at The Mill, overlooking the Lido and a few keen swimmers. 10/10 for location,somewhat less for service. But worse was still to come …..

Chris had lost his lock Key. Despite it being attached to an important piece of string it couldn’t be found. Wheel Easy cyclists scoured the site,searched Chris’s pockets and helmet, and crawled under tables in a bid to find the vital key. Particularly vital for Nicola whose bike was securely attached to Chris’s. A sad end to a splendid ride.

POSTSCRIPT ; Once others had dispersed a local farm worker released the bikes with a robust bolt cutter and everybody managed to go home.

All this under a blazing sun – what a day! MP.

Wanderer’s Ride

On what turned out to be a glorious day 9 Wanderers (8 regulars and Will making his debut) departed the showground. Regrouping after the walk over Low Bridge and onto Farnham. Clothes were removed as the early mist cleared and the yellow thing in the sky made an appearance. Bridle path to Roecliffe as Mike C advised me he was diverting into Boroughbridge market place to buy a pork pie. John C held back for him as the rest of us headed to Dishforth and Marton Le Moor where John caught us up. Mike C had disappeared but he knew the coffee stop so we pushed on. In Sharrow through Ripon to Tates. Mike was already there. He had gone the wrong way but realised what he had done. Haven’t a clue how he finished infront of us. Excellent service at Tates as we chatted in the fabulous sunshine. On departure we wandered through Ripon to Littlethorpe and Bishop Monkton. Mike C and Geraldine were some way infront and missed the scheduled right turn to Markington. Geraldine rang Liz P just after we’d crossed the A61. They had doubled back but decided to head for home. We continued into Markington and up to the Drovers cross road before the swoop down to Ripley. Derek left us for home in Killinghall and the rest of us took the Greenway going our own ways at the Bilton Lane crossing. Great ride , great weather and great company. Thank you all and I hope we see Will wandering again with us. Home to home 44 miles.