Short Ride

5 riders (Chris & Chris, Bob, Gordon, Dennis) joined me for a pleasant ride in the sunshine.

Dennis left us in Wetherby where we sat outside chatting away at Kofi & Co for exactly that…coffee & company. All sharing experiences of lost luggage & flight delays & exchanging notes as to which airlines look after their passengers the best before heading home. All this talk of airlines had us flying home in time for lunch & more coffee for some. Thank you all for your company. Diane

Wednesday Ride

Our ride split nicely  in to two groups and went out to Ripley gathering a latecomer. Excellent route up Scarah Bank and to Warsil where John and Stewart turned right and we turned left. Along past Brimham Rocks then the glorious ride with views to match to Smelthouses.
Arriving at Wildings where the other group were patiently waiting for food, we debated waiting, going to Toft Gate, or the Pancake House. Pancake House closed so we waited and had excellent sandwiches and drinks.
Five of us skipped the Summerbridge/Dairy Lane bit which meant we “overtook” the others but it was nice to mingle on our return to Harrogate through Hartwith, Borstwith, Clint and the Greenway. 38 mile round trip for me. Thanks James for the route which we hope will be added to the Sunday calendar and for a great ride with the sun shining most of the time. Gia

A set of five, Yvonne, Colette, Tim2, Dave S, & Tony followed James’ splendid route in warm intermittent sunshine with a challenging breeze and quite a few challenging hills, up Scarah Bank, where Alan D joined us at the Drovers’ junction, then up Careless House Lane and Brimham Rocks followed by a super swoop down Smelthouses, up across to Glasshouses, gliding in to Pateley for early lunch outside at a busy Wildings where we were then joined by the other Wednesday Ride group.  We bade them farewell only to encounter them later at Birstwith as they had taken the Valley option and our group had turned at Summerbridge (where Alan left us to go up Stripe Lane) and we carried on through Dacre up the hill to Dairy Lane, for the lovely views of course, and along to Darley in bloom.  Up Clint Bank to crowded Ripley and back along the Greenway to Harrogate where we parted, quite puffed but rather chuffed after 2,840 ft. over 40 miles. Yvonne D.

Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Harewood bridge closed today so I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take getting to Harrogate through Pool however it wasn’t too bad coming in from Pool Bank.  There were 11 Wanderers at the show ground so we split in to two groups collecting Mike P at Low Bridge to make 12.  The route was through Farnham, Staveley, Minskip, Boroughbridge, Skelton-on-Ure and on to Ripon for the cafe stop.  Thanks to Mike S for guiding us through Ripon to the cafe in Booths car park and then out to Littlethorpe.  We then went through Bishop Monkton to Markington and Ripley and then back down the Greenway.  38 miles with good company and much better weather than forecast.

David K

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

The  main ride was out to Masham but a sub-group who needed to get back sooner than that went instead to Ripon via Watergate Lane. We passed one group of Wheel Easyers as we came up to Oatlands & then a boisterous and rowdy 2nd group as we heaved our way up Scarah Bank. On to Tates where the sun came out & we sat outside and basked in the good service & tea-cakes/carrot cake/brownies. And then back to the matter of cycling; through Ripon, down to Bishop Monkton (no sign of raw sewage flowing in the street today) and then Markington etcetera. Back home by 1:00 p.m. with 34 miles covered. Tall Tim.