Short Ride

On a rather overcast day we were joined by Diane, Dennis and Paul for our impromptu short ride. The route was just under 24 miles, through Burn Bridge, Kirkby Overblow and Sicklinghall to Wetherby, where Dennis left us. On Diane’s recommendation we went to Kofi & co  where the service was prompt and warm coffees very welcome. We returned home via the A168 cycle track ,  Little Ribston, and then up Knaresborough hill, before parting company by the golf course.

Well Done to Paul, who cycled up Knaresborough hill for the first time without stopping.
Thank you for your company Chris and Chris
Wednesday Ride

Blustery, misty climbs up Shaw Green, Briscoe Ridge and Leathley Lane to Almscliff Crag before heading down through Huby on to Castley and the welcome perfect Islington brunch (avocado, poached eggs, cherry tomatoes on sourdough) at Leathley Farm shop for Mark, Tim 2, Colette & Yvonne.  As we had followed James’ route to a T and had not been passed on the way, we were a little flabbergasted to see his larger group had already arrived and were happily sipping coffees – a little route editing was undertaken as it turned out !  Despite the increasing humidity (drizzle!) we enjoyed the scenic ride, chatting about honour, reintroduction of wolves, skiing and diminishing Alpine snowfall, travelling with Bromptons and so on and before you knew it we had climbed up Weeton Hill and Swindon Lane to Kirkby Blownover then on to Burnbridge and so said our farewells on Leadhall Lane.  Harrogate Road safely negotiated without incident too !  Just over 31 miles and 2,205 ft. Yvonne D.






Wednesday Ride

Ten of us at the Showground split naturally into two groups with the faster ones (Yvonne, Tim, Collette and Mark) being straight off the mark and the steady paced remainder as in the photo following on to Beckwithshaw to collect Paul.Then up to The Top of the World, over Briscoerigg and down towards Almscliffe Crag where a splinter group took the Leathley road down whilst the others took the road past the Crag, down into Huby, across to Castley and round to the Leathley Farm shop where the splinter group had secured tablets for us. We were shortly followed in by the fast group who were slightly bemused to see us already ensconced with coffee but they had stuck faithfully with the full route and not taken the short cut we had! The service at the Farm Shop is remarkably good and so we were soon on or way back via Castley with Gia, Paul, Martin and John departing at Gravelly Hill to go straight back and Kevin, Monica and myself enjoying the slightly improving weather through Weeton, Kirby Overblow and Burn Bridge and brief chat to the remnants of the Wanderers who were heading home as well. Thanks to everyone for coming and not far off the advertised distance of 30 miles.   James G

Wednesday Ride
We cycled route 15 – sort of. This included many of our usual roads but not in the usual direction. Going up Day Lane was … interesting. The run down Norwood Lane from Little Almscliffe to Beckwithshaw is my new favourite.
We missed out the loop round Timble. When we got to Beckwithshaw everyone went their own ways.
It was so nice to do a hilly ride.
Thank you all for your company. Isn’t WheelEasy just great!       Steve