Numbers at The Showground were low this morning – the constant & heavy rain was probably a factor (plus it was rather chilly) but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of some riders. You put us all to shame and you are heroes …..

Combined Ride

As there were only three foolish enough to turn up this morning and we all cycled together this should be the only report today. There were actually four of us for a short time as Tim R appeared with the dog to say hello and oblige us with a team photo before we set off. Having kitted up and got wet getting to the Showground it seemed a pity not to do something so Steve, Colin and I headed down the Greenway to Ripley. We decided against causing a flood on the floor of the cafe in Castle and also the hassle of partially drying off and then kitting up again and carried on through Nidd, past Brearton and into Knaresborough. Parting company at Bond End we took our several routes home and in my case just got back in time before the sun came out! James G