Short Ride

A mere four of us set out to do Ride 229 to Rabbit Hill Café and back but we were diverted to a coffee stop at Arkendale Village Hall (2nd Wed of the month).  Coffee AND cake for a poond! A tariff attractive Scots and Yarkshire folk alike. And since the ride comprised four skinflints we were straight in there.  Even Dennis! The photo showing him at a café stop is a collector’s item. 

So we didn’t bother dragging over to the A168, but returned on the planned route via Flaxby, Goldsborough and Knaresborough. About 22 miles. Paul B


Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Wanderers’ Ride – Group 3

We split into 3 groups at the showground.  The ‘Fast Lads’ left first, not to be seen again until they left the café in Boroughbridge.

I then left with a group of ladies who christened themselves ‘Gordon’s Girls’ (Margaret, Corinne, Liz F, Karen, Liz A, Alison). Colin followed with the remaining group and swiftly overtook us at low bridge.  We stopped at the church in Bishop Monkton for the photo. Lunch was at Plenty in Boroughbridge.  We sat outside as inside was full with Wheel Easy cyclists.  I wondered why Colin was so keen to pass us.

After lunch we headed off into the wind, but once we reached Great Ouseburn it was behind us and the sun started to come out.  Colin’s group stayed for an extended lunch but still passed us just before the A1. After crossing the A1 the sun came out in full resulting in several people stripping off.  On Knaresborough hill Margaret and Alison shot past everyone to meet up with Colin’s group outside the golf club.

Not sure what the ladies did to me but I had sore legs and shoulders after the ride.  A great ride and banter (no talk about knitting or flower arranging!) (34.5 miles at an average speed of 11.42 mph).  Gordon T.


 Awayday – Thirsk/Northallerton

It was my pleasure to lead a lovely group on what for me was a rare Awayday excursion this year. A ride of two distinct halves being rolling countryside (well actually hilly for me just now!) at the foot of Hambleton hills with no shortage of lovely views. Punctuated by a great lunch stop at Tree View Cafe (Barkers “Home” store) very good food, service & surprisingly reasonable cost for an establishment of such high quality. The return half being much gentler but, off the busier road sections, providing lovely scenery across plains to aforementioned distant hills. Really pretty villages dotted the whole ride. Thank you so much to Gia, Paul, Sarah, Sally & Mike for there cheerful company & very good natured acceptance of a couple of my mistakes in navigation. I think a good end to the Awayday programme, well done to Doug for his season in charge. Regards Alan S

Another Awayday Report

After last month’s awayday was cancelled due to Storm Agnes (having already been postponed), Storm Babet was looming for this month’s outing from Thirsk to Northallerton. As it turned out we needn’t have worried as the weather held off to give us a fine day, if a little windy, for the last Awayday ride of the season. 12 of us gathered at Thirsk and set off as two groups of 6. I was with Terry, Rachel, Michael, Charlie and John, and a brisk-ish pace was set, not necessarily by the group lead. The first half of the route was undulating with 2 or 3 climbs nudging above 10% on the gradient meter but with great views and quiet lanes. All obstacles were taken in our stride (?) including wind-blown trees and the A19 crossing. Our planned lunch stop at Joe Cornish’s had been cancelled the day before due to staff illness, but great work by Alan in finding a last minute alternative led us to Barkers furniture store for an excellent lunch. It was tempting to test out the soft furnishings but instead we headed back out along a rather busy section of road picking up the route again at Yafforth. It was turning out to be a very pleasant afternoon with sunshine and light clouds; it might have been described as the calm before the storm if it hadn’t been so windy. Soon we were heading south again into that wind, but it was now pretty flat providing good cycling and clear views of the NY Moors. Unfortunately, about 7 miles out we had a puncture and split into 2 groups as the repair was quickly effected and thence returning separately to Thirsk. Overall a good finish to the season, thanks to all for the company and hope everyone had a good day. Doug H.


Awayday- Hambleton hills (brisk)

This was the postponed September outing through the Hambleton hills. The start was decidedly chilly for our group of eight. The idea was to pass through as many villages with ‘Wiske’ in the name as possible. We had a short stop at Appleton Wiske (27 miles) as our lunch stop in Northallerton – 40miles into the ride. The lunch stop was lovely and we met up with the other two groups who were doing the route the other way around. After lunch we set off for the hills! My heart sank when I saw the sign for 17%- especially as I had eaten a rather large sandwich. The views however were wonderful and worth all the climbs. Richard managed to get himself entangled in a hedge and Ian dropped his chain on the steepest hill but other than that we all survived.  Now for a beer at a local pub. A great day out and the weather was very kind for October. 62.35 miles Janet G