A Year On

16th November that fateful day which is best not to be remembered over a year ago, though I still have no memory of events. I would like to say a year on I have made good progress on my long road to recovery. Many of us have had injuries and illnesses and it takes time not only to heal physical injuries but mental trauma. I would like to thank Wheel Easy members for their encouragement, support, friendship, fun and laughter which is the best medicine I have had. I have returned to cycling only due to Wheel Easy and I found my confidence has returned and I am back to safe cycling as WE members look after me and put up with my antics and blips thank you. I set myself challenges on WE rides and have achieved most of them this year and I have set new ones for next year, like Away Days and Pateley hills. A thank you is two small words but I tell you it means more than I can express for a wonderful year cycling again with Wheel Easy. Liz F.

Short Ride

Blustery ride for sure today ! Or rather what some of us on the short gentle ride agreed was « proper weather » ! The blue & yellow team of Sally, Judy, John, Paul B, Gordon on recumbent, Tim valiantly mostly backmarking and Yvonne D leading, set off in a slight squall but only traffic lights impeded good progress through K’borough alongside a pretty swollen River Nidd. On to Little Ribston, sailing down through the Deightons into the haven of Wetherby. We tea-caked out with good chat at Kofi&Co (Judy recommends the porridge) as far too early for brunch, then the tandem duo of Martin & Yvonne S locked up to our bikes and joined us upstairs. And then off we jolly well went again, up Sicklinghall in a headwind with occasional side blasts from field openings into Kirkby Blownover where John and Paul carried straight on and 5 of us tacked up Walton Lane towards Burnbridge. A nice 23.5 miles with 1,380 ft elevation and a rainbow near the finish line ! Yvonne D.

Wednesday Ride

James came up with a great ride for a surprisingly sunny albeit windy day. Together with Colette, Sarah, Paul, Charlie and myself we criss crossed the lanes from Knaresborough to Goldsborough, Arkendale, Staveley and Copgrove. Paul opted to stay on the road while the rest of us went down the bridleway towards Bishop Monkton. Colette took a prize winning photo. All going well until a dog walker suggested we might not get through. As the photo shows there was a good depth of water and no way through. Back the way we came to meet Paul at Olivers Pantry where we were all ready for lunch.
Fountains Lane was also closed but passable although very muddy and we had a good run back to Ripley and Harrogate with the sun still shining. A great route, I clocked 45 miles for a sunny windy autumn day which was a real treat. Thanks to James for the “new” route. Gia

Wanderers Ride

Fifteen of us set off from the Showground on a cool, blustery Autumn day. We made good progress up to Ripley along the Greenway where we stopped to regroup. Diane found she had a flat tyre. We called on Derek’s expertise in such matters and he performed what can only be described as a Formula One pitstop style inner tube change. Upon finding a couple of thorns which proved hard to shift he requested tweezers whereupon Margaret speedily produced said item whilst we all looked on in awe. What a team! We continued with our route, cycling on some very messy roads covered with leaves, twigs, branches and enormous puddles. Fortunately, everyone navigated all hazards without any mishaps apart from wet feet. After consuming excellent snacks and drinks served by the highly efficient team at G and Ts we set off again past Brimham Rocks discussing how lucky we were to live in such glorious countryside. We cycled down Stripe Lane (better than up) and into Birstwith and up Clint Bank. Some of us left to head home via Hollybank Woods and the Greenway and others via Knox. A fabulous ride in beautiful Nidderdale with splendid company. Thanks for all of your support and especially the fun and laughter. Around 33 miles. Nicci Harding