Wednesday Ride

There was no competition between the Wednesday Ride and Mike C’s birthday ride which offered free tea and cake ( we are in Yorkshire!) so only three riders took up the offer of the route to Leathley Farm Shop via Jack Hill and the gated road.

Lead by James the ride to Little Armscliff and then on to Jack Hill was uneventful other than guessing the number of times James would put his outer jacket on and then take it off in the changing weather conditions.

The ride on Jack Hill and the gated road is a delight and gives some great views even though the weather was threatening with a large black cloud over us.

Only a few spots of rain before we arrived at the farm shop where the Short ride were already there and enjoying the refreshments.

A quick catch up with Monica before deciding to head home via Castley and then over the main road to Almscliff Crag and North Rigton. The weather was brightening and even some sun as Paul T left us at Brackenthwite Lane and James and Kevin headed back to Harrogate.

An enjoyable ride of 30 miles on a scenic route in suprisingly dry( but cold) weather.Thanks to James for the route and Paul and Kevin for joining him and forgoing the free grub!


Short Ride

A pleasant ride this morning with some warming sunshine at times. The strong winds of late also seemed a tad gentler. Sarah E, Judith, John R, Dennis and myself set off towards Burn Bridge where Stewart A and Fiona W joined us. Up Brackenthwaite Lane and down towards Stainburn, where Dennis left us, as he had to get back home. A lot of easy downhill after that and we quickly arrived at Leathley farm shop where refreshments are always good. Stewart and John decided to do a longer ride from there, so it was just the four ladies left. Our return took us via Castley and Armscliffe Crag. After that we decided to keep straight on the main road to Beckwithshaw and onward to wherever home was via Otley Road.

About 25 miles


Medium Plus Brisk Ride

Medium Plus Brisk- Definitely not ‘cracking the flags’ today and tricky deciding what to wear. Six riders chose the Bolton Abbey route 135 but by Green Lane we were down to four- two deciding they needed a more gentle pace. Duck Street was the usual grind and it was cold as we dropped down past Stump Cross Caverns and turned left towards Skyreholme. We stopped at Abbey Tea rooms for scones/ scrambled eggs and were loving the fact that A59 was closed. The back road to Ilkley/ Otley was as stunning as ever. As I had ridden in we parted company at Pool and as I rode through Pool I met Mike Clark’s birthday group coming the other way. Up Creskeld Lane and home for me.- 60miles- a great day out. Janet G

EG’s Ride

Only three stalwarts out today in the not too warm June weather.

The customary “Mystery Ride” lead by Dave W, took us to Spa Gardens which was disappointingly closed.

The park had been expertly gardened however, and there were several teams of bowlers on the immaculate green.


Tate’s round the corner obliged, with very friendly service and quality fare.

Then it was onward and upward. It’s hard to say exactly where we went; our team leader is expert on the little byways in the Ripon area. All I know is that we were near Kirby Malzeard, near Grewelthorpe, near Norristhorpe, and definitely went through West Tanfield and Wath, and then some other places!

It was a bit coolish all day, but we had a great day out and covered 50 good miles before we returned to base.

Thanks Dave W, and Geoff.


Mike Clarke’s Birthday

The notion that Mike C is 80 years old is an exaggeration.  He is 21, but with 59 years’ experience.  Nonetheless we were set off on this ride with a valiant attempt to sing Happy Birthday.  Atonal music has never been my thing.

18 brave souls departed for Bramhope on a vague promise of coffee and a few crumbs.  Sadly we lost one – I think Robin, but at my age I forget – who felt ill and looked worse at the top of Brackenthwaite Lane.  A wise move, as the ride only got steeper.  Hope you are better soon.  Continuing up to the B6161 at the top of Briscoerigg, dark clouds threatened to spoil the fun.  But there was a small gap, and we whizzed down and up the lanes to Otley, staying dry.  A few spots of rain in Tittybottle Park (yes, that’s its name, officially) were kept away by the trees and we threaded our way through town to tackle the Chevin the back way, up West Chevin Road.  Higher, with just one chevron, but gentler overall.  Then a freewheel almost all the way to Bramhope.

Greeted first by the Best Dog in Yorkshire (and that’s official too, there’s a sign on the gate) we locked the bikes in the garden and moved into the conservatory where Mike’s wife, Eileen, had prepared more food than Wheel Easy could eat.  The sun came out, we took photos in the garden and went back to try again.  And sang Happy Birthday again, but with a tune.  Sometimes.  But there were still leftovers for tea (and breakfast, and lunch, and tea…)

Fortunately the first couple of miles from Bramhope were downhill, so no cafe legs.  We survived multiple road works through Pool, then through Castley and up to Weeton, where I caught up with six fast WE legs on their return from Bolton Abbey.  A few deserted us for Almscliffe and a shorter ride home, leaving just half a dozen to take tea on the balcony at HSFC, in the sun.

Thanks to you all for being such fun, to those who led the second group, and to Colin who, as the best back marker in Yorkshire, never lost anyone !  And especial thanks to Eileen for catering to everyone’s tastes !  I couldn’t have had a better birthday.


Today Wheel Easy cyclists were invited to Mike’s for coffee and crumbs to celebrate his ‘special’ birthday. We had a splendid ride up to Bramhope via Otley and the Chevin to be greeted by Eileen, Mike’s lovely wife who had clearly been very busy all morning. Eileen had made a delicious buffet for us which we all very happily tucked into! Our heartfelt thanks to Mike for inviting us to share his special day and especially to Eileen. It was a real treat and we will be visiting that particular cafe again!