Wednesday Wanderers

Traffic chaos and stormy weather put off all but the hardy few. Nicci, Sally and Derek joined me to do some Wednesday wandering. Dave R joined us at Ripley, then disappeared after the toll bridge.Four of us carried on through heavy rain to the welcome stop at Wildings. We lingered over our coffees until the sun came out. At Glasshouses, Derek headed off the direct route as he was on dog duty! So that left me, Sally and Nicci to tackle more hills and admire the views. A second stop followed for some lemonade at the Boar’s Head, as we still had a lot of chat to catch up on. 44 miles and plenty of hills. An exhilarating ride and great company.  Bridget 

Wednesday Ride

James.Tim and Charlie set off form Hornbeam under threating skies and picked up Gia,Paul and Kevin on route to Burnbridge and Brackenthwaite Lane with the aim of heading to Pool for coffee.
Steady climbing and descending ( with one eye on the black clouds) on the way to Leathley and then on to Pool Pantry for refreshments. We were joined by a group of cyclists from Skipton as the cafe became a cylcing club house!.
Over coffee we watched the rain sweep in and the dsicussion was ddo we have a second coffee and wait it out or set off in the rain- we decided to go for it and immediately got caught in a down pour as we turned towards Castley.
When the rain stopped the sun came out and we started to dry out but once again when we reached Kirby Overblow another downpour made sure we were wet for getting home.
Despite the weather everyone seemed happy to get out riding and it gave Charlie a chance to show off his new waterproofs! A shortened ride of 25 miles. Thanks to the everyone for sticking with it

Short Ride

Only 1 taker for today’s short ride Karen as I had brought the other one my husband / back marker/ route planner. This was probably due to a combination of Yorkshire show and poor weather forecast. We set off at a rapid pace from Hornbeam and reached the cafe by 10.30 which altered Karen’s plan from lunch to morning coffee and cake. On the return route soon realised why it felt easy on the way out a strong headwind slowed us a little .Still a very enjoyable ride despite being soaked by the time we got home Karen Thankyou for your company