Help for Ukraine

Eric Waters writes:

Over the past 10 months, I have felt enormous sympathy and admiration for the people of Ukraine, but total frustration as there seemed to be little I could do to help. Then I heard of a local humanitarian aid appeal that we could all contribute towards.

The Harlow Hill Men’s Shedis a charity group based in an outhouse behind The Shepherd’s Dog on Otley Road. They are supporting 2 Ukrainian refugee families who are being hosted in the locality. These families are appealing for clothing to go to their villages, which have been devastated by the war, occupied by Russian troops, and although recently liberated, they are still close to the front line. Some villagers are trying to rebuild their houses and their lives, but with little, if any, electricity it is very difficult to wash clothes, and when they go outside, clothes get wet in the snow and rain, and with sub-zero temperatures and no heat in their buildings it is almost impossible to dry anything.

So we can all help by donating clothes we no longer need. Outer garments are particularly beneficial, but in reality any clothing (male, female, and for any age from babies upwards), such as thermal base-layers, underclothes, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc. will all be hugely appreciated. Condition and fashion are irrelevant, as some items (especially socks) can be worn once for several days, and then disposed of when wet and dirty. The clothing will be sorted at the Men’s Shed into items that will be used in the villages, and those that can be used by the men on the front line. When they have a full van load, a van is driven to the Polish border, where it is swapped for an empty van coming from their villages, and on the next trip, the vans are swapped over again. The last van also took 5 portable electric generators which had been donated. One of my daughters recently had to carry out a periodic inspection of the First Aid cabinets at her workplace to ensure all items were still in date: numerous items had recently time expired so they have been gratefully received and are now on their way to Ukraine. It’s amazing just how much we can actually do!

So if you have any items you can donate, please, help this humanitarian effort. The Men’s Shed being a voluntary group isn’t open all hours but clothing can be taken to the Shed, behind the Shepherds Dog, at the top of Otley Road, when they hold their twice weekly sessions, which are 10.00-12.00 on Saturdays and 14.00-16.00 on Tuesdays