For quite some time now there have been no riders taking part in Sunday’s long rides. John Hackett, the long ride co-ordinator, raised this with our committee as follows:

“This is a trend that had developed over the last couple of years, and follows on from the former group riders being in poor health, wanting shorter rides because of age and time limitations, and leaving the area. In addition, despite seeking new riders over recent years, there have few if any new takers. This has mainly been due to the longer time requirements of the long ride and its encroachment on family time.

I would therefore like to recommend:

  • that the long ride be removed from the ride programme as it serves little or no purpose any longer;
  • that the long ride list of routes remains on the website for members to use as they require, and
  • that feedback on these recommendations be sought from members before proceeding.”

Committee members agree with John’s recommendation and now it’s your turn to consider the future of the long rides. John proposes that unless there is a very strong desire from members to retain them, the long rides stop and are removed from the Calendar from Sunday 14 July.

If you feel strongly that the long rides should continue, and are willing to contribute to their organisation, please email John by the 7th July at the latest using the link below.