Medium Plus Brisk Ride Report

A lot of interest for Route 106 that takes you up to Blubberhouses, West End, down to Pateley & then back via a climb of Two Stoops with some of the riders being Contrarians who wisely decided not to go out in yesterday’s heavy rain; a good omen for a dry ride today then? The first group went off leaving 5 to follow on. Tyre problems delayed the group at Timble before Zoë turned back early as planned & then later David Webber returned home via Glasshouses. This was after a decent ride (for January) up past the overflowing reservoirs of Swinsty & Thuscross & then onto Greenhow where the wind & rain started in earnest. The weather was worse after a stop at Toft Gate Barn. The water was running in streams down Nought Bank Road as Rob, Vince & Tall Tim aquaplaned their way up the hill. Apparently 2022 was a good “wind event” year. It wasn’t doing too badly up on the moor for 2023 either. Three cold, sodden riders made it back via Penny Pot to complete 43.0 miles. Tall Tim.

Medium Ride Report
Medium Ride – group 2  January 8
As there were quite a number of takers for the Medium ride, we split into groups. 7 of us set off to get to Sophie’s vis Brackenthwaite Lane, Little Almscliffe and Darley. We were all very happy to be out on a dry day, ready to get back into routine after the Christmas period. At the top of Little Almscliffe, Dennis handed round Quality Steet chocs. Suitably refuelled, we sped on. Having swooped up the hills, Dennis  left us at Menwith. We deviated slightly from the prescribed route to go down Sheepcote Lane and up Clint Bank aiming to enjoy the views on quieter roads. Sadly, there were still plenty of cars revving past us. We enjoyed a leisurely stop in a busy Sophie’s only to emerge into the rain! A thoroughly enjoyed ride with the usual chat and cheer. Alison N.
Another Medium Ride Report

The Medium Ride today split nicely into three groups, with the faster group apparently not stopping till they got to Sophies! The other two groups took it a bit more leisurely and merged together every now and then. In my group Chris suffered a snapped rear derailleur cable along Brackenthwaite Lane, but thanks to running repairs by Martin managed to completethe full route which took us to Little Almscliffe via the “Top of the World” which was different and made a refreshing change. Gia, Kevin, Paul and Martin then took the optional route along Penny Pot and through Kettlesing to Sophies for a slightly earlier coffee than Chris & Chris, Steve and myself who took the Darley route. Sophies was particularly busy but we managed to persuade the Brownlee boys to vacate their table for us and enjoyed a good stop along with numerous fellow members. As the predicted rain stated, Steve departed along Hollins Lane for home and Chris & Chris and myself returned through Holly Bank and along the Greenway. The advertised distance was just about spot on at 27 miles but record climbing was rather more at 2300 feet. None the less a good ride in the usual excellent company and thank you all who came.   James