Medium Alternative Ride

We used the medium ride as our starting point which took us out of Harrogate along the route we used to take in the pre Greenway days. Knox, Grainbeck Lane, Killinghall, Hampsthwaite, past Birstwith Hall, Kettlesing, up Sleights Lane to Menwith. At the turn for the listening station our group of Sue, James, Debby, Helen, Charlie, Paul, Colin, Gia, Monica and Alison turned down towards Darley. Hartwith toll bridge, Stripe Lane, Brimham adventure farm, Burnt Yates, Clint and a nice drop down to Sophie’s. Here we met the short ride who vacated a table for us.
Excellent ride, a route done mostly in reverse order which gave us lots of good climbs, views and mainly quiet roads. Distance about 32-35 miles. A great start to the New Year. Gia



Medium Ride
We were a group of 11when we set off today, through town and Bilton to Knox Bridge where Sur John kindly took the photo. Crossing over the A61 wasn’t too bad and we were soon into Hampsthwaite and starting on the hilly section of the ride through Tang and Kettlesing and then up to the Menwith Hill Road. Here Alison dashed on ahead to join James’s group while Geraldine and Joe turned back towards Hampsthwaite. This meant we lost our back marker but Mike the vet kindly took over on his electric steed. Heading along Menwith Hill Road was hard work as it was straight into a headwind and everyone was glad to turn onto the bridle way past the Naval base. We all safely negociated the A59 and turned into Fewston Farm Shop to discover it was closed! I had looked at the website and had thought it open but hadn’t scrolled down to the bottom! Sur John and Marwood decided to head straight home via Pennypot while Mike lead us to Fewston Heritage centre who were very happy to feed us. Home was via Little Almscliffe and Beckwithshaw. Only 25 miles but quite a hilly ride. Many thanks to the 2 backmarkers and welcome to Katie on her 1st ride with us.    Liz P
Medium Plus Ride

Seven riders set off from Hornbeam in a slight drizzle towards Burn Bridge and Kirkby Overblow where the weather soon brightened up and we set a good pace ready for the hilly bits outside Collingham. Towards Bramham we soon caught up with the fast group as they were sorting out a rider’s puncture. Just before Stutton we then caught up with the brisk group, a rider also had a puncture, then it was on to Tadcaster but the café was closed, sold to new owners. No problem, it’s not far to Thorp Arch for coffee but this café was also closed, at least the café in Wetherby was open. Then back towards Little Ribston, the brisk group then passed us where we all split up for home, some going to Knaresborough and others Spofforth and Follifoot. The light drizzle had started again. 40miles. Chris R.

Medium Plus Fast Boys

Boy what a start to the New Year 10 left Hornbeam at our usual rapid pace.
It was decided on route that we would go up Jewit Lane in Collingham to get to Bramham all was good and the hill was welcomed by all
after the excess of Xmas.
We got to top and Mark C had a puncture after a lengthy stop due to poor pump issues we on our way.
Then as we entered Bramham disaster poor Fred came off his bike on the first corner in the village, only one of the group witnessed.
The rest of us waited about a mile down the road thinking it was Marks tyre issue again, Then we learnt that Fred had crashed and had
sustained damage to his head and right shoulder and arm.
It was decided that some would ride home on the route without a coffee stop to get Fred back to Harrogate.
Then like the band of brothers we are we all decided to get him back together. No one gets left behind we told ourselves.
Back via Spofforth and showground when Fred decided to go to A&E for a check up taking damaged helmet with him.
No concussion but sadly a small break in the right elbow joint, chapeau to Fred for riding home in some discomfort.
Grant, Fred, Mark C, Mark T, Paul B, Dave B, Dave W, Trefor, Martin B and Darcey were the Band Of Brothers and all this in
only 40 miles.    Grant


Short Ride
9 of us set out to cycle to Sophie’s along the cycle track to Ripley then onwards and upwards to Hampsthwaite and Sophie’s for coffee and refreshments.
We were joined at Sophies  by Joe and Geraldine  who had foreshortened on the medium ride I think  and also Jen who had suffered a rather severe injury to her shoulder whilst skiing earlier last year  necessitating a replacement shoulder I believe but she is now well  on the way to a full recovery and we hope to have her back in the saddle very soon.
The ladies seemed reluctant to leave the warmth and conviviality of the cafe so 4 of us including it has to be said Monica left them to it and went back home again via the cycleway!
A gentle ride to get us back in the mood after Christmas and New Year approx 18 miles ( with apologies to Monica)!
Plus one interloper in blue!    David Stross
Thank you David St.Ross a lively lively ride with lovely jolly people for the first w.e ride of the year for lots of us.   CG.