Short Ride

With the promise of both wind and rain later in the day, 6 of us set out on a ‘Knaresborough circular’. Certainly, the air was damp with an element of wind. However, the ride to Arkendale via Lingerfield was pleasant enough. We were delighted to spot daffodils and snowdrops along the way, making us think spring was just round the corner. However, between Arkendale and Staveley, the rain got more and more persistent. Any thoughts of spring had faded, and our goal was to get to the cafe as soon as we could. By now, the rain was ‘penetrating ‘The staff at the ‘Ugly Duckling’ were most welcoming and helpful despite our soaked appearance- as modelled by Sarah.

As ever, plenty of chat and good humour. Finally, the last lap- Knaresborough hill where we went our separate ways. We agreed we’d been glad to be out but we’re ready for home and a warm shower. Thanks to you all for your company . 22 miles was about right, given the weather. Alison N

Medium Steady

Turnout was low at the Showground this morning probably due to forecast rain and strong gusting wind. Nevertheless nine riders gathered to take on the medium Route 233 R. The forecast rain arrived early and conditions were miserable by the time we reached Scarah Bank where we encountered Martin and Yvonne who had gone ahead on the fast tandem coming the other way having decided a day wallpapering would be more fun! Steve had also taken a different route by this time leaving Gordon, Debbie, Monica, Kevin, James and Tim to aim for G and Ts. The plan was to decide over a cuppa whether to continue to follow the route over higher ground to Brimham, but by the time we arrived at the cafe the wind was strengthening and we had been given a good soaking. Everyone was in good spirits but in no doubt we should take a direct route back to Harrogate. This was no easy option as it included a 1 in 4 ascent of Hebden Bank. All in all it was great to be out enjoying the pleasure of cycling and I thank my fellow cyclists for their company and enthusiasm. 29mi and 1916ft of climbing for me. Tim2

Medium Plus Brisk

The published route was abandoned from the start due to the high wind forecasts plus reports from the Contrarians that going up to Greenhow was not ideal in these conditions. Instead a simple route round from Knaresborough to Boroughbridge, Skelton & Ripon was pursued with the twin aims of getting some miles in and getting home relatively early. T1, Vince, Mark, Zoë, Kathryn & Helen put up with some mizzle & drizzle round to Ripon but by then the rain had turned more “steady” & the wind stronger – window wipers for glasses were needed. Some took refuge in Tate’s whilst others simply carried onwards & home. 34 miles or so.