Medium Steady Ride – Group 1

Beautiful day brings out the cyclists !  Medium Steady ride split into 2 groups with Gia kindly leading the second group who had instructions to keep my group in sight but they declined the binoculars so we had a rendezvous at Hideaway in Boroughbridge.  We also passed the bâton a couple of times en route with the brisk group who still arrived at the café garden first.  Fiona was a woman on a mission and left us at Bishop Monkton to head to Markington.  Countryside looked glorious today as we cycled very quietly through the Dunsforths so as not to disturb the grapes of sloth and then on to admire the Morgan rally on the village green at Great Ouseburn.  Mike Winterhalder enlightened us on the building up of thermal layers in the clouds clearly visible as we headed through Marton, Arkendale, Ferensby and negotiated our way through traffic-congested Knaresborough opting to climb the big hill instead of the Beryl Burton way on a crowded Sunday afternoon.

Sunny company (Dave E, Tim2, Mike W., Rachel, Fiona) on a sunny ride of about 40 miles and 1,500 ft.  Yvonne D.

 Medium Steady Ride Group 3

This was a perfect day for any ride. After a Hideaway stop in Boroughbridge, Paul returned via Minskip, and we followed the route to Little Dunsforth and cut off a corner to go directly to the lovely village of Grafton.
Returning to Harrogate it was worthwhile to check the progress of the NEW bridleway from Bogs Lane that when finished in a few weeks time will link with the back of the High School. Full marks to the developer for getting this path built long before completion of the estate. In the end we rode 37 miles. And we met Colin on his fine new beautiful coloured bike! Needless to say he had been exploring Bridleways and tracks on it.

Thanks to team three, Paul, Corinne, Alison, Jill, Chris, Chris, Margaret. Gia

Short and Gentle Ride

A good turnout of 13 left the roll-out on a wonderfully sunny morning. Two groups were arranged (most of the time) with Diane S-D doing sterling service with the second group. Many thanks Diane. Negotiating the usual hazards of rough roads, roadworks and traffic we made it to Pannal, where the cut-throughs to Burn Bridge were, surprisingly, new to many of our number. In comparison, the climb up to Kirkby O for a re-grouping was a relief from the hurly-burly of Sunday traffic. The sun and scenery gladdened to hearts of us all and called for photos across the Wharfe – courtesy Diane. Sadly, Diane had to leave us at the Linton turn as she was to have a busy day entertaining. Dennis also headed for home via Wetherby – a pleasure to have his company as always. Collingham was the appointed coffee stop and we arrived to find that my prior contact with the staff at “Apotheco” had resulted in a reserved table in the sun. Photo shows the degree of satisfaction, I think. It was a new venue for everyone and it impressed with it cakes ( running a bit short by then) and good coffee. Manager Sophie was pleased to accommodate us, remarking that Sundays are often a bit quiet. I offered to spread the word in our website. Please try it Retracing through Linton, several opted for Harland Way back to Spofforth, with 5 adding a few more miles along the A168 cycle path. Please note that it is getting encroached by the spring growth. Do take some secateurs if able. All got back safely to Showground or home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I used the Yorks Cancer Care café on Hornbeam as my after-ride wind down, which is open on Sundays – worth knowing if you’re not HG resident. Terry Smith

Medium Plus Ride – Brisk

If there was ever a day to cycle this would be it. Lovely warm temperature, no rain and no wind to speak of. Not to mention the gorgeous route on offer- one of my favourites – Coxwold. It felt like a summer’s day! Our group of eight made excellent progress to Easingwold where we deviated from the published route, heading towards Husthwaite and the undulating road to Coxwold with fantastic views of the White Horse. The Coxwold Tea Rooms are always a delight and we sat in their back garden enjoying wonderful sandwiches, scones and cakes. A first for Rachel- I’m hoping that it lived up to expectations. Back on the published route, over Thornton Bridge we headed towards Boroughbridge led by our pacemakers for the day- Andy and Tall Tim. Fantastic job – thank you as I arrived back just in time for two small granddaughters arriving for a sleepover- oof! One of my favourite rides- loved every minute and definitely briskly.- 51 miles. Janet G