Club Challenge Rides

In a slight break with tradition, we have decided to create a separate gallery page so you can really enjoy all the photos from the Challenge Rides.

We will be updating the gallery as new photos come in so do keep re-visiting.

The Luv-Es (100)

Colin Broadbank, Alison Noble, Margaret Clough, Liz Pugh, Mike Clark and John Carey

Firstly a huge thank you to Mike Walsh and the event committee and volunteers. Brilliant . Organisation – spot on.

Our team were first away as we were so keen to get started. The early start meant empty cycleways and quieter roads. First to arrive at Aldborough where the support team had only just got the kettle on. Refreshed, we were soon underway. The flat ride with wind assistance made light of the ride to Husthwaite. A couple of brief  re-routes around Skipton on Swale where Garmin wasn’t sure where we were. Back on track, faster teams were catching us. Snape was welcome as the cheers went up as we saw the first signposts. Hardly any electric power used and my battery was fully charged in the 30 minutes we were there. The Snape loop was not easy. It was a long 20 odd miles. The wind bad. Despite that I was still showing plenty of power on the battery so I didn’t bother with a 15 min recharge on the return to Snape.

The ride to Ripon was wonderful. Though I took a slight tumble in Ripon market place as Liz P went off course. Just a flesh wound. Liz and I then lost the rest of the team around the by-pass. We caught them near Copgrove. So back to base. Not quite the last to arrive and still 60 percent showing on the battery, and still some food left. It was a long ride but really chuffed at completing it. The team were great. Thank you. Home to home 107 miles for me. Colin B

The Gibsons (100)

Andrew Gibson, Derek Gibson and Alison Gibson

Tour de Force (100)

Yvonne Davies, Michael Wills, Tim Richards, Helen Higgins, Doug Higgins, Helen Tate and Debra Skinner

It was still early, quiet and a bit chilly as our team gathered at the hockey club but Mike and Chris were there to welcome us, tick the names off on the clipboard, take a photo and send us on our way with a cheery ‘Good Luck’. An early sign of the faultless organisation for the day ahead. And a long day it was looking to be, especially for those of us not having done this distance before. However, wise heads kept us on track with Mike and Yvonne setting the early pace. Scarah Bank warmed us up before we turned eastward and, wind assisted, we were soon at the first pit stop at Alborough; Steve and Ian doing a great job dishing out hot drinks and homemade cake.

Onwards, we still had the wind at our backs as we made good time to Husthwaite before turning back into the wind. We still had about 20 miles to lunch and stuck to the task with Debbie, Tim and Yvonne, again, doing the hard work up front.

Around about Skipton on Swale (I think) a number of groups came together at once, and despite what briefly seemed like chaos, we managed to re-group, hopefully in our original teams. Snape village hall was a welcome sight and the spread of sandwiches and pork pies even more so, with Navah, Roger and Phil on hand to ensure we were all fully re-charged before the next stage. This was to be the hilly bit but despite the wind and a few tough climbs, some great views and wonderful descents made it worthwhile. Back at Snape they had been busy; sandwiches had been cleared and replace by cakes (there was probably some washing up to be done too) and after more tea we were off again. The final leg saw us heading back south with crosswinds now to brave. Again, the usual suspects were to the fore, setting a cracking pace and getting us back to the hockey club before 5pm, where Mike and Chris were still on duty to welcome us home and check us in. A fantastic day and a real challenge for the novices amongst us, and not possible without the encouragement from the team and the great support from the volunteers out on the route. Many thanks to them and many thanks to Mike and Fiona Walsh and everyone else involved in organising and putting together such a great event. Doug H

The B-Spokes (100)

Richard Leake, Rob Price, David Wilson, Richard Sacre, Lesley Sacre and Terence Smith

Team Orange/El Marmaladas (100)

Rachel Winterhalder, Michelle Foxall, Zoe Cooper and Helen Bevis

A Brief History of Tim (100)

Tim Rhodes, Tim Ling, Tim A. Ackroyd, Timatha E. Dooley, Tim V. Grealy, Tim Swanwick

No Tim D. Kaye due to illness so Timatha Dooley was airlifted in to provide some additional drive for the team. Like everyone else, we suffered going west into the wind. Before then we had maintained a goodly pace as much for the reason of keeping warm on a chilly day as anything. Great scoff & tea at the pit stops plus welcoming & helpful volunteers. And we made use of the rescue car as one bike decided enough was enough at 67 miles. Way before then we had been joined by Richard Leake so a team of 6 still rolled into the Hockey Club. Our thanks to all involved with the event – an excellent day out.

Contrarians (100)

Martyn Brocklesby, Trefor Giles, Mike Harrison, Jonathan Wilson, Darcy Gunning, Paul Brooks and Grant Dorward

In Tandem (60)

Kevin Ballantyne, Stephen Price, Katherine Price, Martin Weeks, Yvonne Skelton and Ana Kruglova

Another excellent challenge ride this year.

Yvonne and I decided to do the 60 mile route on our e-tandem. We were joined by Kate and Stephen Price, also on on a tandem but with pure muscle power, and also Anna and Kevin on solo bikes (again muscle powered).

I suppose in recognition of our additional watts of power we led up the bank on Fountains Road out of Ripley but we soon realised that our compatriots could set a cracking pace. Aldborough was soon reached to be greeted by Ian and Steve and coffee and cake was most welcome on quite a cold morning for early July. The flat roads of the Vale of York followed and it was a pleasant cruise until we turned directly west after Dalton.

The strong westerly wind reminded us why this is called a Challenge Ride! Heads down and grinding away towards Marton le Moor it was useful to put on some extra e-assist and the muscle powered companions draughted along in our wake.
Another good feed and drink station at Marton Village Hall gave us a lift for the last leg. The climb up Beryl Burton was the last big hill and so to the finish with lots of pizza and chat.

Hats off to the 100 milers, grateful thanks to organisers and volunteers who made it a grand day out. Yvonne and Martin

Going Downhill Fast (60)

Barbara Cribb, James Grimshaw, Sarah Radcliffe, Christopher Newport, Christine Newport, Diane Webb, Karen McCartney and Kevin Douglas

The Miscellaniacs (60)

Andrew Hedges, Gordon Turnbull, Patrick Mitchell and Julie Wilkins

The day started with a few rain showers.  Patrick declined the offer of a jacket despite the wind and rain – must be a northerner.  The morning cycle was fairly brisk with an enjoyable stop for coffee – which we almost missed as we did not see the village hall.  During the morning the rain stopped and the wind picked up and seemed to be in our faces whichever direction we cycle in.  Lunch was very welcoming at which point we were sat out in the sunshine.  Refreshed, we pushed on for the final 20 miles arriving back at the Hockey Club to the smell of freshly cooked pizza!

Thanks to the organisers and volunteers for making the day such as success.

Gordon T

Batteries Not Included (60)

Mark David, John Kiernan, Steve Phillip, Mark McKerihan, David Scullion and Peter Jackson

The Bottom Brackets (40)

Liz Frederiksen, Peter Frederiksen and Kirsty Hallett

Cycle Pals (40)

Jean Battison, Judith Smith, Karen Birdsall, Anne Kiernan, Lynda Newhouse and Sarah Everson Maurer

The Grauniads (40)

Paul Blackman, Sylvia Scullion, Geraldine Bynoe, Joe Smith, Diane ScottDickinson and Robert Shears