Medium Brisk Ride

There was a melange of riders at the Showground for Route 57 out to Leathley, Norwood Edge & Brimham. Splitting into two, the groups would then split into three and then four as the miles passed. Windy miles at that. Going downhill? Still pedalling? That will be the wind then. Through the gated lane where there was (for us anyway) the first lamb of the season before climbing up to a good stop at a crowded Fewston Farm Shop and then onward into the worsening weather. 43 miles in total.

Tall Tim

Medium Steady Ride

Not a bad turnout this morning meant we had to split into two groups. Yvonne kindly led a quicker group of four while I led a sedate but selective group of five. As the short ride was also heading our way we had to hold back a little until we got to Low Bridge. As we approached the York Road traffic lights in Knaresborough Alison was determined to get through the lights on green. Applying pressure to the pedals she shot across into Chain Lane arm aloft in a triumphant wave. She slowed to allow the rest of us to ‘catch up’ only to find we had all got through and right behind her. Steady progress to Farnham  Bishop Monkton and Littlethorpe.

Crossing the canal in Ripon and up to Skelton-on-Ure and onto Boroughbridge. Met Yvonnes group just coming out of The Courtyard. We went on to Plenty where the short ride group were just leaving thus releasing tables. I have to say our service was very quick and efficient but paying is another matter. Helens plate of scrambled egg on toast was quite something. She got through it and deserved a lolly for eating it all up. We didn’t have any so tough.! Back on the road bit of a head wind down to Roecliffe but decided to stick with the bridleway across to Copgrove. Apart from the entry it was ok and perfectly passable. Back to Farnham Knaresborough and up the hill to Forest Lane Head where we said our goodbyes. Just starting to drizzle so our timing was spot on. My thanks to Alison Helen Margaret and Mike W for your company and our intelligent conversations. 35 miles for me.

Colin B

Yvonnes Addendum

Our little group flew along into B’bridge but alas no room inside at the Courtyard, so we moved a table into the last rays of sunshine for the fresh out the oven scones… and just as we were leaving and your group arriving, a couple of hikers took the table !!  We decided to avoid the bridleway Copgrove and opted to endure the headwinds along to Minskip & Staveley back to K’borough.  Despite the increasing winds, an enjoyable ride with about 35 miles covered and 1,640 ft elevation.

Medium Plus Steady Ride

A magnificent seven set off on route 57 this morning in fairly bright, dry conditions. The fly in the ointment was a rather strong westerly wind that we would have to deal with for most of the first half of the ride! Good progress was made to Kirkby Overblow and down to Dunkeswick. Then the serious climbing started, Lindley and Stainburn Woods through the gates where we spotted the first lamb of the year and then the drag up the top half of Norwood. Gia, Debbie, Paul and James left us at Pennypot Lane en route to Sophies in Hampsthwaite.

John, Steve and me carried on to Darley Post Office for lunch, excellent reasonably priced fare and speedy cheerful service. As we left Darley the temperature dropped and by the time we got to the top of Stripe Lane we were in mizzle with blustery winds from all directions making for interesting riding to Burnt Yates and Hampsthwaite. John left Steve and I at Pennypot and we made it home as the drizzle got heavier. A hard ride of over 3500 feet on January legs. Many thanks for the good company, nice to be out whatever the weather.

Steve B.