Short Ride

An excess of rabbit delayed Le Départ and there was further delay at Low Bridge to sort the Dear Leader’s puncture. Then on to Farnham, Ferrensby, Arkendale and back to Knaresborough without incident (almost, sorry Geraldine!). A shout out for Monica, the only unpowered one out of eight, who kept up with us and is obviously an athlete. Nigh on 22 miles. Paul B

Medium Steady

A dozen riders for what turned out be good cycling conditions for a late Sunday in November. Breaking in two groups we enjoyed the recently re-surfaced Abbey Road (well a fair bit of it) as we made good progress out to Farnham. It was decided to stick with the bridleway across to Roecliffe. Which despite the recent rain was perfectly rideable with perhaps the exit to the road which was a little sticky. A natural break was requested in Boroughbridge which I forgot about. Thankfully the powerful lungs of Steve B attracted my attention before I disappeared over the bridge. Suitably ‘relieved’ we pushed on to Skelton and Ripon. Five riders decided they would head home before the coffee stop and peeled off over the canal bridge. The remaining seven went to Tate’s for refreshments and intelligent conversation. Fairly busy but efficient service as always. Back to Ripon , Littlethorpe Bishop Monkton and home. We said our farewells at Forest Lane Head. Great ride and company. Well done to Justine who completed her longest WE ride. Thank you all. 38 miles for me. Colin B


Medium Plus Steady
Our Announcer today was John Hackett who sent us on our way after giving a brief update on Liz Frederiksen who remains in Middlesbrough Hospital.  She is making steady progress and we all send our good wishes for her continuing recovery and hope to see her back in Harrogate very soon.
Lots of interest in the ride to Ilkley today and Monica and I were the semi leaders.  We divided loosely into three groups and Gia, Paul, Kevin and James were planning to do a shortened version of the ride but we did manage to capture them on film at Little Almscliffe and have a brief chat at Timble before never seeing them again.
Today’s weather was a fair reflection of my personality – Dull But Dry!  We set off with high hopes of getting to Ilkley for an early lunch and morale was so high we were even planning to do the Little Snowden Loop before descending to Askwith.  This didn’t happen because Yvonne D sprung a puncture just before the turnoff.  Peter J stepped forward to do the gentlemanly thing and the subsequent repair developed into a bit of a wrestling match to get the tyre off.  We eventually succeeded with the judicious use of four hands.  As we had lost quite a lot of time, we decided to abandon the detour into Ilkley and headed straight to the café in the park in Otley, which falls into the Perfectly OK category.
We then had a very pleasant, distinctly hilly, meander back via Farnham, Leathley and Almscliffe Crag, bumping into Bianchi Bob, actually on his Bianchi, near Leathley.  By now, the weather was more of a reflection of Monica’s personality – Sunny and Bright!
It had been a delightful, very autumnal day and everyone was glad they had made the effort.  You can all get your advent calendars out next week – December already! Helen T and Monica W.

Medium Plus Brisk

Fourteen for today’s route out to Ilkley. The lights from the first group of seven were seen in the distance from time to time & had (of course) bagged the best table in the café by the time the 2nd group arrived. There was a considerable delay in service but the staff did their best. Back out into the coldish day & along to Poole before making our way back into Harrogate via different routes. A good ride considering we are nearing the end of November. 43 miles. Tall Tim.