Medium Plus Ride Brisk 1

It seems that wheel Easy rides have to have a quorum of Daves, and this morning’s ride was no exception with four of us out of a total of six riders.

Brisk was certainly the watchword and we hurtled to Benningborough brushing aside small children and dogs in our hurry to get the job done. Even though we were going like the clappers though, we still managed to catch up with the largely girls’ group (that’s the group that was largely, not, I hasten to make clear, the girls). How did you manage to get ahead of us, ladies?

The sun never quite managed to shine on us at the cafe, even though we thought we were righteous enough, but excellent fare was enjoyed in the shape of scones you could hardly lift, and flapjack portions you couldn’t see over.

The return pace was promised to be “easier” but it turned out to be a politician’s promise, and I don’t mind admitting t tired legs as I hacked up the showground hill.

Great thanks to Mike, Andy, and all Daves for another splendid morning out.   DaveS.


Medium Plus Group 2

Route 85 – a ride of two halves for the 2nd Medium Plus group (Fred, Richard, Mark, Vincent & Tall Tim) to set off. A pleasant outward leg in autumnal sun leading to Beningbrough where the café was chocka.

And then a wait of over 45 minutes for the food to arrive leading to some cold riders by the time we managed to pay and leave.

By then the wind seemed to have picked up and a good part of the route back was into a headwind. 45 miles overall and good to see plenty of Wheel Easy members out and about. Tall Tim

Medium Ride

A bright and breezy autumn morning saw six riders gather at Hornbeam, Mike, Steve, David, Justin, Mike and Fiona, for the medium ride to Fountains Abbey via the Greenway, Ripley and Waterside Lane.  The turn off towards Fountains was closed, as the Abbey was fully booked, so we carried on past, although we suspect they were letting cyclists through.  Onward to Ripon and Spa Gardens for welcome refreshment before heading home via Littlethorpe, Markington and a very busy Greenway.  David had a jumped chain halfway home which proved difficult to correct, but otherwise an uneventful and very enjoyable 34 mile ride.  Mike W