Medium Plus Brisk Ride

It promised to be a lovely day but it was a little bit chilly early on. We soon warmed up heading to Hampsthwaite, across the toll bridge & up Stripe Lane where there was even a threat of rain before the sun finally came out to play. Then down to Glasshouses & onto Lofthouses before heading up into a wind to Scar House reservoir. We drank in the lovely views and then glided down to the How Stean Gorge café. Strangely, the wind was also against us going back down to Wath before we turned off up Old Wath Road, Pateley, Blazefield Bank, Fellbeck & the well trodden/cycled way home. 57 miles & 4,100 feet. Young Tim.

Sunday Extra Ride

With blue skies and a warm and sunny day ahead James and Paul decided to shun the offer of the lowlands for a trip around the lanes of Kettlesing and so offered an ” extra” Sunday ride with a few hills ( and views) in the Nidderdale area.

Seven (electric) riders took up the offer and headed along the Greenway into Hampsthwaite and then Barse Beck Lane, Kettlesing Bottoms, Sleights Lane and Menwith Hill Lane. The weather was improving all the time and so were the views so a decision was taken to go down Moorcock Lane ( as a number of the grroup hadnt done that route) and then Thornthwaite and Dairy Lane. The variation was worth it as the views across the Dale were spectacular.

From the top of Dairy Lane we headed down to Darley and along the valley to Clapham Green and into Sophies for a deservedbut late) coffee break.

We enjoyed the sunshine at the outside tables witth some interesting chat and we then set off back to Harrogate via Killlinghall and Knox Lane.

The group split up at the top of Knox to make their way home but everyone agreed the addition of this ride had been worth it. Thanks to James for the route and Paul,Gia, Kevin(1and 2) ,Annette and Nick for their company. About 33 miles with some good hills and great views.


Medium Steady Ride

On a lovely sunny morning Chris and I stepped in to lead the ride. We were joined by Liz F, Liz P, Geraldine, Jill, and Chloe on her second ride with Wheel Easy. As we approached Kirkby Overblow it was suggested Paul B may be waiting for us, Paul wasn’t there so we carried on. After a brief photo stop at the usual place we headed towards Sicklinghall, where we found Paul chatting to Keith and Helen Tate at the end of Paddock House Lane. Paul joined us as we continued on towards Collingham and up Jewitt Lane, towards Bramham. The planned  coffee stop was Tim’s at Thorp Arch, but there was some concern about the car boot sale there and that they may have run out of food, so we tried “Salt” in Boston Spa. The coffee was fine, but the food offerings were limited to a few savoury pies and a few slices of lemon drizzle cake. From Boston Spa we headed to Walton, Rudgate, Cowthorpe,  Little Ribston and on to Spofforth. Paul left us to head for home before Follyfoot.

We said our goodbyes just before Showground Hill. 40.2 miles for us, and a very impressive increase from 21 miles to over 40 miles for Chloe on her second ride with WE and on a borrowed bike. Thank you all for you company and a lovely ride- Chris and Chris

Intro Ride

Two intrepid not-fully-fit-yet cyclists joined me for today’s Intro Ride. Maths teacher Kate, hopes (as do I) that cycling will be one of several activities she can enjoy in the extra spare time she is looking forward to as her children complete their school years and head off to university. And retired geologist Roger, encouraged by wife Yvonne to give his recently underused fine Specialized bike an outing with Wheel Easy.
The ride, as promised, broke no sweat. We pedalled almost effortlessly towards the busy Greenway, passing and being passed by numerous families with young children heading the same way. In Ripley we relaxed outside with coffee from Grindhus, discussing politics and elections and enjoying the tranquillity for about 2 minutes before it was shattered by the loud and lengthy peeling of church bells.
Then back along the Greenway to Harrogate, as far as The Empress, where we went our separate ways home. Thanks to Roger for reminding me to have a photo taken at the portrait bench. I hope he and Kate will enjoy many more sunny days of cycling, some at least with Wheel Easy.

Medium Plus Steady Ride

Fabulous cloudy skies becoming sunnier as we progressed on our ad hoc ride in lovely company through Farnham to Marton, unexpectedly swiping left on the York Road to Boroughbridge such was the siren call of coffee for Mike W & Peter J !  Steve joined them after a tour of Aldborough with the rest of us where we stopped to have a chat with our favorite tandem riders, Martin & Yvonne Weeks.  And so Dave E, Tim2 & Yvonne D pushed swiftly on through the vines on Holbeck lane to Great Ouseburn turning on Boat Lane, then over Aldwark Bridge straight through Youlton to Alne.  Mike had earlier recommended a new to us café : Whiteley’s at Home Farm and what an excellent pause-café in beautiful surroundings with fresh rolls, paninis & cake (Dave generously split his guiness cake 3 ways !)  Having discussed the return route over a huge pot of tea, we headed into the wind through Raskelf, Brafferton, opting for the hedgerows of Cundall, Norton-le-Clay and down into Boroughbridge, Minskip, Staveley and Knaresborough. By then we had already recorded an average of over 14mph, sharing the lead.  Dave had a BBQ rendez-vous nearby, Tim & I carried on into town where I then added a déviation to Pannal and along to Rudding Park before stopping to celebrate with Prologue for their 10 years in business !  My stats : 64 miles, 2,303 ft Yvonne D.