Short Ride

On a cold, damp morning there were 9 riders who opted for the short ride (Vince, Jill, Rachel, Justine, Paul, David, Paul, Tim and Colette). Vince expertly lead the group and Colette hung out at the back. We were grateful for the hills to try and warm up a bit and generally agreed that being able to get out in January is a bonus.

By the time we got to Sophie’s there were 7 riders left and we huddled round a table and cupped our hot drinks to try and thaw out.

Just as we had warmed up, it was time to get back on our bikes. Our route back into Harrogate via Rowden Lane was new for most of the group. We braced ourselves for the final challenge – the Penny Pot climb. Vince reminded us that it was the climb of the professionals in the UCI and we all felt very pleased with ourselves when we re-grouped at the top. A very cold but enjoyable ride with a lovely group of cyclists .   Colette





Medium Plus Steady Pace Ride

Eight riders for Route 137 out to Grantley via Ripon. It was chilly from the start and never seemed to warm up as the day went on. And up around Winksley there was a cold wind that wasn’t in the weather forecast. Sadly Keith Tate’s bike’s electrics were playing up. Keith battled on to G&Ts at Risplith but then Keith & Helen looked for the easiest/best way to limp home from there. Margaret, Mike, Liz1, Liz2 & Debbie carried on the published route to come back via Hampsthwaite & Knox to complete 40.9 miles & some noticeable “lumps” in the landscape. Tall Tim.


Medium Steady Pace Ride Report
The weather was on our side today although a bit damp and nippy, but no frost or ice which was a bonus.
There were ten of us on the medium steady ride which was route 180 through Knaresborough, Bishop Monkton, Littlethorpe, Ripon, Boroughbridge. once the legs got warmed up every one seemed to be enjoying the morning and the car traffic wasn’t too bad on the back roads. Numerous little stops for ‘catch ups’ and photo opportunities and I hope I’ve managed to include a couple of small videos from my “head cam”and a rather fetching photo of Geraldine and her bike whilst demonstrating the Apple Watch remote function?.
James and Charlie left us after a cuppa at Morrisons in Boroughbridge and the rest of us tootled off back home via Roecliffe, Corrine (I hope I spelt that right!) left us at the bottom of Knaresborough hill to go home via the Beryl Burton way and the rest of us parted company at Forest Lane head.
A most enjoyable 30 something miles.   David Robinson