Medium Steady Ride

There was definitely a ‘nip’ in the air at the showground this morning and due to the Harrogate flower show a few of us had cycled in from Hornbeam park. Due to no takers for the short ride there was a large number opting for the medium ride. James kindly offered to lead a splinter group leaving a group of ten- we split into two, with Helen leading the second group.

Setting off towards Low Bridge the brisk group passed us and disappeared down the road. We made good progress towards Farnham, Arkendale and Great Ouseburn, giving Aldwark bridge a wave as we swept past towards our coffee stop at Tancred Farm. I’m sad to report that the speed of service at Tancred Farm has not improved- so much so that the brisk group, plus Mike and Fiona decided that they could wait no longer! We stuck with it and finally got served our coffees, tea cakes etc apart from Gordon who’s sausage sandwich went walkabout. He would have to make do with my jelly snakes!

We deviated from the published route and went back via Cowthorpe. Mike, Chris and Diane left us to go back to Knaresborough, leaving Helen,Gordon, Justine, Mike and myself to negotiate Follifoot and the Showground Hill. Thank you everyone for joining me today- we didn’t get wet and it was Justine’s longest ride of the year. 35 miles Janet G


Medium Ride


Medium Plus Brisk

A meandering trip round the reservoirs today – plus every other hill in the area for good measure which did mean that there were some gorgeous views to balance out the aching legs. In between there was a pleasant stop at the Washburn Heritage Tea Room before shedding a couple of riders on the circuitous way round to Kirkby Overblow. And once again the weather was so much better than forecast. 46 miles. Tall Tim