Short Ride

We were blessed with blue skies and some sunshine today on our ride, though the air was chilly. 6 takers for the short ride today, with a promise of maybe bumping into Caroline and friends on route. Completed the Copgrove circular, Route 8, with the nice bit of off-road bridle path from Copgrove towards Bishop Monkton. (Photo taken on bridle-path). Bumped into Caroline and friends coming in the opposite direction……????? We also survived a massive puddle crossing with no Dawn French moments to report, thankfully! Coffee break was in Knaresborough, where we were then reunited with Caroline and friends! Nice to have a catch up. Left Knaresborough via different routes home. Thanks for your company as always! A thoroughly enjoyable ride.  Sarah Everson Maurer

Medium Ride

Thanks to Rachel for sorting out a large number of cyclists for the medium ride. We started with a group of six, lost two, then gained two even though one of them was sure we were riding Route 41. The sun came out and we were warm enough to find seats at Olivers Pantry outside, having taken a shorter route than another group who got there first! Mike W said they were cycling very fast. Sally picked up a puncture probably from the hedge cutting near Skelton but patron saint John arrived to pick her up after coffee of course. Jill had an appointment with her Brownies and coffee and cake.
A ride home through the deer park and a road closed made for a good run home. Thank you to Yvonne and Tim who raced after and joined the speedy lot, while Mike and Sally joined myself, Debby, Kevin and Jill. 38 miles.

Medium Ride – steady 

5 people left the showground to do route 178.

4 identified as women

3 Lizzes

2 Chrises

1 Mike briefly joined us at Low Bridge until just after Farnham (we think he went off to join the group a faster group in front us).

After a brief discussion it was decided to stop at Booth’s in Ripon for coffee, then back through Littlethorpe, Markington and Ripley, with the group splitting up by Bilton Lane. A lovely ride on a beautiful autumn day, with good company and conversation. 41miles. Chris


Medium Ride – More brisk than steady

A lovely morning at the showground cold but sunny . A good turn out for the ride which spilt with relative ease into 3 groups . My group comprised Mike Mark Andy and Gordon then we picked up Yvonne and Tim not sure which number he is along the way . I had an encounter with a squirrel apparently hopefully it limped off but I’m not sure !  An outside coffee stop at Olivers pantry was good fun where we discussed mainly rugby . 

Thank you to Mike for correcting me when I was heading in the wrong direction and for Tim doing the same in Ripon when the helpful technology announced I had finished the ride . A great day out maybe slightly brisker than usual always hard to judge Thank you all for your company. Rachel

Medium Plus Ride – Steady

The Medium Plus Steady ride today consisted of six riders. We had been warned that the road at Cattal was flooded, but full of optimism we set off. Everything was plain sailing as per the route until we came to the approach road at Cattal and found the road was closed. We now abandoned the original route and headed off an alternative one in order to get to Boroughbridge. This proved to be quite a detour via Cowthorpe, cycle path alongside A168, Walshford, A168, Whixley Lane and Whixley. We were now back on the original route and headed for Boroughbridge for refreshments. Surprisingly we managed to get tables in Plenty with no problem. After undertaking the diversion we decided to go back to Harrogate by the shortest route.  Despite the alterations we still managed to achieve the distance as published on the website. PCJ

Medium Plus Ride – Brisk

After the 5 fast boys set off the remaining 6 followed them up towards Follifoot. Richard seemed to be having a mechanical so we ‘leap frogged’ them never to be seen again. We made good progress on route 108 but were then stopped in our tracks at Cattal. Tim and Martin cycled on to check the flood ( see photo) and we decided to re- route towards Askham Richard. The coffee and cake were delicious when they finally arrived and although the sun was shining I was glad we were seated inside. The route back was Bilbrough, Healaugh, Wighill and Wetherby. At Wetherby we decided to return via Sicklinghall and Kirkby Overblow to sample a few hills. Lovely ride in great October weather. 46.5 miles Janet G