Short Ride

Only Denis for the short ride today. When we reached Low Bridge Paul also joined us. Our band of three happy riders made our way to Goldsborough. There Denis announced that he would like to make a few changes to the route as there were some pretty lanes he thought we would like. We all agree and Denis led us on a beautiful ride and pointed out interesting view points as we went. The miles flew by as we cycled through Coneythorpe, Arkendale and Lingerfield. At Knaresborough, Denis peeled off to go home for his dinner while Paul and Colette politely cycled through the crowds on Waterside. We were rewarded with a table sitting in the sun at The Black Mulberry. With Denis’ additional loops the ride was 28 miles with 1,800 feet of climbing. A wonderful ride. Colette


Short Awayday

Four riders, Sue, Sarah, Fiona and Mike, gathered in Pocklington on a beautiful morning for a 25 mile awayday ride in the Wolds.  We quickly reached Millington Dale, which was at its spectacular best under a clear sky, and with lovely spring colours.  After a short climb out of the head of the dale, we rode through Huggate and along the top of the Wolds, with distant views in all directions. After a long descent via North Dalton, we turned west and headed back to Pocklington.  A fantastic ride, on mostly quiet lanes – a superb day out.  Mike



Medium Brisk Ride

With the gorgeous weather, most people wanted to be out on their bikes longer this Sunday, so only three people headed out from the showground for the Medium Brisk ride (after being shooed away by someone directing traffic): Mark, Navah, and Gordon (surprisingly willing to follow Navah for a second week in a row). At Low Bridge, the trio came across Mike waiting for the Medium Steady group, and they convinced him to join them (and also follow Navah for a second week in a row). Now four, the group had a lovely and swift spin up through Boroughbridge and decided to detour upon hitting Ripon for a cafe stop at Tate’s. Mike led the way through town to three scones (very nice, but to Mike’s disappointment, not warmed up), and one eggs royale. Apres-cafe, Mike started leading back to the route, but took a detour from the detour and got a bit mixed up. After some zigzagging, the quartet made it back onto the route and had a lovely and uneventful ride through Knaresborough, where Mike peeled off, and back to Harrogate. About 39 miles and 1800 feet of climbing, with a perky average speed of 13.5 mph – Navah L.


Long Ride
Exactly the same thing happened as two years ago when Monica and I turned up to lead the long ride to White Horse Bank.  Nobody, absolutely nobody, wanted to go with us – so we lead each other!
We headed out to Boroughbridge on the Staveley Minskip route then continued briskly along through Milby and Hutton Sessay to Coxwold, mingling briefly with Liz Pugh’s group who were heading to Thirsk.  We loitered a fair while in the delightful gardens of the Coxwold Café enjoying delicious, and pleasingly large, egg and cress sandwiches.  We knew what was coming next!  Kilburn and the White Horse Bank.  Monica was just back from Provence and the summit of Mont Ventoux so this must have felt like the proverbial stroll etc.   It is in fact a perfectly doable hill, providing you don’t falter and we stoically cycled past the ice cream van in the car park half way up.  Neither of us like cycling down Sutton Bank but it wasn’t too busy today and at least it is mercifully quick.  Then it is a delightful North Yorkshire meander back to Boroughbridge via Osgoodby Hall, Bagby, Dalton, Topcoiffe, Asenby and Cundall.  We did stop for reinforcements of cake, a scone and a pot of tea in The Crown Hotel in Boroughbridge because all the cafés had slammed shut 15 minutes before we got there!  It was surprisingly nice.
We covered 67.3 miles and had a right good chat. You can cover a lot of topics in seven hours when there are only two of you. We got through everything from Aardvark and Brexit, all the way to X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu and had a truly wonderful day in the finest weather Yorkshire could throw at us.  Helen T and Monica W


Medium Plus Ride

WE were a group of 5 and probably the slowest group consisting of Steve B, Peter N, Mike W, Barbara and Liz. We went to Thirsk via Sessay and back  via Dalton, stopping for lunch sat outside a cafe by the main road through Thirsk. It was a beautiful day. My mileage was 59.35 miles and 1668 feet. It seemed to be a very relaxing ride though we were ready to finish by the time we were nearly home, except for Mike W who went off to do more. Many thanks for your company. Liz P


A splinter group of 4 (Tim2, Debbie, Tony & I) set off slightly quicker after Low Bridge out to Hambleton district, stopping to admire the fine furrowed fields, White Horse in the distance, and the lovely Butterfield church and lychgate at Sessay.  We did a quick lap of busy Thirsk, saying hello to fellow WE cyclists sitting at the clock tower, when Tim fortunately spotted a lovely café (Upstairs Downstairs) just off the market square in Thirsk.  Service was quick and friendly with Yorkshire portions !  The sunshine stayed with us through Dalton and Topcliffe, back through busy Knaresborough.  Approx 57 miles and 1400 ft.  Yvonne D.




Medium Plus Brisk Ride

Two groups set off together,maintaining a similar speed, but keeping a safe distance apart..

In Sowerby , the route takes you down a newly designated one-way street,which we did follow, ( we didn’t meet any traffic ) but the route needs amending to avoid this .
The 2 groups merged around the market clock where we enjoyed take-away refreshments from neighbouring cafes and admired the lovely ” yarn bombing” .
The route was fairly flat , with little traffic and it was delightful to cycle in the sunshine with glorious views across to the North Yorkshire Moors.
Even waiting at the temporary traffic lights in Knaresborough  was delightful in the sunshine. These lights just move up and down the road and are always on red , as are the pedestrian lights at the Worlds End which are more annoying  as you have to start up the hill from a stationary position.
A lovely steady ride in what feels like the beginning of summer – at last !  55 miles,1530 feet of ascent, great company and special thanks to Mark Townend for joining us for coffee at last. .  Julie E.