Medium-plus Brisk

Despite dire warnings of weather conditions, a hard core of three, Helen, Paul and Mark turned up for a non official ride.

We decided to go towards Boroughbridge and assess conditions on route. Out via Lingerfield and Grafton, where there was a distinct “agricultural” smell. I blamed Paul. We managed to avoid the gun shots from the nearby field and decided just before Boroughbridge to head from the Dunsforths.

With no wind, ice or rain and visibility improving by the minute the conditions were good for a mid winter ride. We pressed onto Whixley.where we decided to head for Wetherby for a quick coffee stop. A couple of options closed so we headed for the shambles where we bumped into the two, cold looking, Tim’s. Us three tough types took our refreshments outside and thanks to the very speedy service we were soon on our way back via Spofforth, Follifoot and the still quite busy Yorkshire Showground.

An excellent winter ride of 45 miles, genuinely enjoyed. Mark T