Short Ride

There were several takers for today’s Short ride, but after a little initial confusion Caroline’s gang set off in a different direction to meet us later, so we had three remaining, sandwiched between me and our excellent, dependable back marker John Carey. The sun shone and we made good progress, picking up Paul B in Pannal as we passed. There were a couple of inclines, both up and down, but all coped well, including Chloe for her first ride out on a borrowed bike – great job! Coffee was at the surprisingly quiet Ripley Castle tearooms and we nearly made it back to town in the dry, but not quite. Great views and company. Thanks to John for his back marking and general cheerfulness.


Medium Ride

Eight of us set off from the Showground and having collect two more at Bilton Crossing and one more in Ripley departed along Holly Bank, only to have a deserter jump ship to the Masham group making us a nice manageable group of ten. Despite the forecast we avoided the rain and enjoyed some sun and not too much of a breeze up to Brimham and round to Fellbeck and towards Wilsill when we turned into a head wind and towards some ominous looking clouds.    A fast run down to Summerbridge couldn’t avoid the rain and we get a soaking toiling up to Dacre Head where a unanimous decision was taken to cut short the official route and head straight down to Darley and along the valley to Sophie’s. The rain must have driven everyone inside as Sophie’s was packed but we managed to get a spot in the tent and with the heater on and the sunshine returning we dried out and over coffee and eats, enjoyed the usual wide ranging discussion, from the work of the Macmillan Cancer Charity to whether hair dye applied the night before had run in the rain!   We then fractured into small groups as different routes home were chosen. Thanks to Mel, Mike and his recumbent, Annette, Corinne, Liz, Paul, Roger and two Kevins for joining me and I recoded around the advertised distance of 38 miles and lots of climbing -well doe everyone.  James G

Medium Plus Brisk Ride

9  MPB’s ( medium plus briskees) set off on the hilly route to Masham. David turned off after the Drovers while the remaining 8 pedalled up to Sawley, High Grantley and Swinton . Our significant efforts were rewarded with spectacular views across the Dales and North Yorkshire Moors.  After large, (excellent) coffees, tea served in tea-pots( fantastic) and yummy scones, the MPBs pushed on under the threat of blackening skies. Successfully avoiding the pending deluge we turned into a brisk headwind towards Ripon , then Knaresborough and finished the ride with blue skies and sunshine. I was glad for my winter gloves !  Well done and thanks to everyone. 58 miles and a lot of climbing. Julie E. 

Route 50 Touring Day Ride

A magnificent 6 set off the lumpy way to Masham. There were brief discussions about which politician we would choose to introduce to Cut Throat Lane, and how grumpy can Yorkshire Vintage Tractor drivers be? At our lunch stop in Masham we were delighted to be informed that it was raining in Nidderdale. Blue skies and not a drop of the wet stuff for our homeward journey.

Lovely company – thanks to Alison, Maris and Peter, with guest appearances from our favourite ‘oldie’ Dave S and favourite ‘newbie’ Nick C. 60+ miles door to door.

Sarah C

Medium Plus Steady Ride

Despite being the middle of June it turned out to be a lovely spring day, or something similar, and great to be out enjoying the surrounding countryside. Four of us signed up for the medium plus steady ride, which wasn’t bad given that two other groups were doing the same route. We saw neither of those groups except at Johnny Bagdad’s in Masham; the briskers disappearing into the distance as we approached and the tourers taking their place outside as we were finishing off an excellent and well deserved refreshment break. Route 50 proved to be hilly for the first half and flatter after lunch, usually the best way round. In particular there were two sections I had not done before, both of which were highly enjoyable. Firstly, the route from Kirkby Mallard to Masham headed westwards with a bit of climbing before turning north with great views to the north and east followed by a long descent into Masham. On leaving Masham the route to Ripon took us north again with more climbing with another great descent via Snape and Carthorpe and then south to Ripon. After Ripon Jan left us at Bishop Monkton and Peter departed shortly thereafter leaving the remaining two to return to the show ground. A great day out and for those that completed the course a bit over 57 miles and about 3900 feet of ascent (to be fair to the others, they cycled to the start so probably did a bit more). Doug