Short Ride

November lived up to its poetic namesake and we had neither sun nor moon on today’s ride but five had an enjoyable outing in the gloomy seasonal weather to Little Almscliffe, Menwith and then the very welcoming Sophie’s for coffee. I’ve learned a lot about e-bikes this morning and Bob’s lovely new ‘smart’, in all meanings of the word, version is very impressive – and unbelievably clean! Big thanks to Sarah, Bob, Dennis and Paul for joining me today. Helen B

Medium Ride

Excellent turn-out today for the Medium Steady ride regardless of the very, very misty weather, so we split into 3 groups. Following my red light were Andy, Mike, Rachel & Steve on a ride that was almost a mystery tour as the view ahead was somewhat limited! Astonishing how wet mist is, especially under the dripping trees with their fantastic silhouettes. We headed along the Greenway and Hollybank, avoiding all the dogs, up Clint and then took the Brimham Rocks Road from Burnt Yates. We stopped at the top crossroads for a minute’s quiet reflection at 11am before heading on to a careful descent of Careless House Lane, then Scarah Bank into Ripley. A welcome hot drink and good chat at the Ripley café where we were soon joined by the valiant & cheery second group who also arrived lights blazing I’m happy to report. Thanks to all for the company on a misty, beautiful 28 mile ride & elevation of about 1600 ft. Yvonne D.


Five of us from Yvonne’s ride today. We hoped for the mist to clear which it did for a while but after our 11.00 stop the mist got thicker so we turned down Stripe Lane to the toll bridge and met up with the short ride at Sophie’s. 26 miles, not the best but we had a good coffee stop, some exercise and all got home safely. Gia

Medium Plus

Seven cyclists, Margaret, Monica, Alison, Liz, Peter, Mike W, Steve W, led out by Tall Tim.

Weather very grim.

Out in the gloom proverbial ‘Can’t see a hand in front’.

Penny Pot, Hampsthwaite on to Toll bridge.

11am two-minute silence we stood in the mist.

‘They shall not grow old’ read by Tim, a fitting tribute and very poignant as the leaves fell and the autumnal colours closed in around us as we stood in silence.

Darley, Dacre, Yorke’s Folly not so jolly.

Pateley no room at the inn, hunt for lunch, all fed and watered, Tim rounded us up and sallied forth as the mist descended.

Bewerley, Glasshouses, on the road the llamas were out trekking, Brimham came and went, Alison set sail for home alone, via Stripe Lane and Hampsthwaite.

The rest went via Rabbit Lane, lovely swoop down the bendy road, still foggy Scarah Bank, Ripley, onto the Greenway.

Despite the weather it was a great ride of 38 miles 1100 metres of climbing though we could not see the hills or views. Good company, good laughs that is why we go out in all weathers. (Reporter: Little Liz)

Medium Plus – Steady PCJ’s Group

With the Medium Plus being over-subscribe PCJ led a splinter group of 5 riders. The ride was fairly straight forward, mainly contending with the thick mist. Outside Hampsthwaite we caught up with the Brisk group who were trying to locate one of there group. After that the Brisk group overtook us approaching Yorke’s Folly. There seemed to be a dearth of tea rooms in Pateley Bridge, but eventually we found one, The Willow Tea Rooms, just off the High Street. Thanks to Richard L. for providing regular updates concerning the T20 World Cup. PCJ

Medium Plus Brisk