We are very grateful to Bob Johnson of Spa Cycles for his recent email detailing the actual situation for UK/European cyclists regarding the problem cranksets.

The information provided in our original post was from Shimano USA (not Shimano Europe) because that’s what was available at the time. The information in this post taken from Bob’s email focusses on Europe and the link below now takes you to the Shimano Europe website.

To be clear, it is true that Shimano USA has issued a recall, following advice by the US CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission).

However Shimano Europe has NOT issued a recall. They have issued a Voluntary Inspection (& Replacement) Programme. This in effect places the responsibility with the owner, rather than the retailer.

The European VI(R)P entails the owner taking the Crankset (preferably affixed to the bike) to any approved Shimano Dealer, and the Dealer performs a documented inspection.

– if no non-conformities are seen, the crankset is returned to the owner.

– if non-conformities are seen, the crankset is returned to the national Shimano distributor (Madison-Sportline in the UK) and a replacement will be issued.

The programme is for bonded Hollowtech II Cranksets only. For example: Shimano 105 11spd 5800 & R7000 series are Hollowtech II, but are not bonded. For Ultegra cranksets, only the drive side part is inspected. For Dura-Ace, drive & non-drive side parts are inspected.

The USA recall and the European VI(R)P cover cranksets manufactured over a 7-year period. They cover cranksets from Jun 2012 (date code KF) to Jun 2019 (date code RF).