Route 2068 Off Road

Kirkby Overblow, East Keswick, Harewood (25 miles)

From Hornbeam take bridleway to the base of the viaduct over the Crimple (official bridge is down) then pick up bridleway that crosses railway and then rises through woods to Follifoot Lane. Cross the lane and take bridleway to reach southern by-pass then go to Kirkby Overblow and follow road passed Barrowby towards Sicklinghall (you can take the extremely rough and nettled Marsh Lane if you want a real off road experience but I stick to the tarmac) . Nearing top of Kirkby Lane turn off to the right along Paddock House Lane and follow round until it begins to go downhill at which point leave through a gate to the left towards Wood Hall hotel but instead of going to the hotel turn 90⁰ right down to Woodhall bridge across the Wharfe then along the river bank and uphill to Harewood Avenue. Cross Harewood Avenue to cycle down into East Keswick where you take the wide right hand turn at the top of the main street and pass Old Hall Farm. There is a bridleway on the left up to Gateon House Lane and at the T-junction turn right on to that lane and uphill and round several 90⁰bends until you meet the Leeds Country Way which you take across to the Harewood-Wike road. Turn right towards Harewood and cross (with care!) the A61 and enter Harewood estate. Descend to the gate and then left/right after crossing the beck. The route then turns 90⁰ right to bring you near the Emmerdale village where you head right again and downhill before a sharp left down to a gate and then the side of a wood that brings you to a left turn by the old kitchen garden walls. A steep descent and a left hand fork bring you to the Harewood Yard office park and then take the first left to descend to the Arthington road, Turn right back to Harewood Bridge and turn right immediately after crossing the bridge and follow the bridle path along the river turning slightly right then left after the path leaves the river. It is then straight across a field and a ford, through a gate and down the side of another field to the dirt road to where you turn right to pass the caravan park and then all the way up the steep hill to meet the Kirkby Overblow road at Barrowby – then retrace route back to Hornbeam.