“”The Shutt Portal for ordering the UCI Shirts was intended to close today but, as the orders have not reached the minimum required except for the Proline Short Sleeved Jersey in black, Shutt have agreed to keep it open for a further period, but it will definitely now close on Sunday 18th August irrespective of whether the minimum orders are achieved or not. So, if you are still considering buying one, please now place you order without delay.
At the moment there are 4 Long Sleeved, 3 Black and 1 White Sportline jerseys and 5 Gilets ordered and the minimum requirement is 10 of each. However Shutt have offered to reduce the minimum number to 5 in return for a surcharge payment. This surcharge would be a maximum of £25 for each style if only 5 are ordered, but would reduce proportionately for orders over 5 but less than 10. Thus each garment would attract a maximum surcharge of £5 if only 5 are ordered, but will be less if, say, 7 or 8 are ordered. The maximum surcharge is therefore in effect equivalent to the cost of postage that has been saved by having them delivered to Specialized.
If the minimum number of 5 is not achieved then the order will not be fulfilled and payments will be refunded.
As the black Proline Jersey has reached the minimum order and will therefore be fulfilled, if those 3 members who have ordered the black Sportline Jerseys now want to change to the black Proline to make sure they get a jersey, then they should contact Shutt to make the change to their order.Please note the Ordering Portal will now close finally on Sunday 18th August.””


Full details for ordering as follows:

Ordering Portal 
As before the suppliers are Shutt Velo and although, as a group, we have to meet the minimum order criteria you can enter their Portal to order ONE or more shirts. On this occasion there will be no delivery charge to add to the price as Specialized have agreed to accept a bulk delivery and allow members to collect individually from their West park premises.
To order please visit portal 
Your password is: wheeleasy2019

Please order now as the portal will close on 14th August 2019 Sunday 18th August 2019.

There are 2 different types of Short Sleeved Jerseys (see pictures below) available once you are on the page and additionally there is now a Long Sleeved Jacket (see pictures below) and a Gilet. They are available in a variety of sizes and the Jerseys and the Jacket have a specific type of cuff – and this cuff is shown in a pictures below for reference. although the artwork is not an exact match. Please take special note of the size guide (link) at the top of each order page. There are different sizing guidelines FOR EACH TYPE OF GARMENT. Please read carefully before selecting as these garments cannot be exchanged or returned for a different size.

Ordering Guidance Notes From Mark
or possibly seek further information from Mark.
His e-mail address is:-   if you wish to contact him

The Short Sleeved Jerseys are in black or white and the Long Sleeved Jacket and the Gilet are in black only. Minimum orders are for each colour. For instance 10 (or 5 in the case of the Proline) in black. Size choice has no detrimental impact on min order.

There are four options:-

Regular Sport line S/S Jersey. £49.50. Min order 10. This jersey is a relaxed fit along the lines of other jerseys of this type, but with a extra zipped back pocket. This is the only jersey with a zip pocket

Proline S/S Jersey. £69.50.Min order 5. This is a Aero/Race fit jersey, with longer cuffs and a mesh type back to aid breathability.

Mid-Weight Jacket. £80.00 This is a long sleeved jacket in the same style and with the same detailing as the short sleeved jersey.

Gilet. £49.00

The sizes range from Xtra small to 5 xl and Shutt advise that the jerseys are all unisex.

A size chart and the designs  will be shown on the ordering portal that Shutt have set for individuals to order on. The password above is so each person ordering can access the site and place their own order together with payment.

The ordering window will be open for only a short period  and turnaround time for delivery is approx 4 weeks from the close of window to despatch of the garment,  except for the Proline Jersey which may not be until mid-October.

As these are to celebrate the World Championships, it is unlikely that there will be another opportunity to order one of these unique shirts and so if you want one then order straight away or you risk not being able to get one. This is a different supplier to the one who supplies the Club kit and the ordering requirements are different and it will not be possible to buy them once the Portal closes on 14th August.

When ordering you MUST take time getting the right size as the garments are club specific and as such cannot be returned as the supplier will not be able to sell them elsewhere.

This is a one off arrangement with the garments being produced to celebrate the UCI World Championships and is not intended to replace the current range of kit available from ForceGB which continue to be available as before.

The ordering portal has been opened and will close on Monday 14th August. Sunday 18th August.

If there are any queries about the jersey or the ordering process please refer them to Mark.