The photo’s show the typical position for cyclists as it is today but the solution is coming providing we all continue to maintain a high level of support for the Otley Road Cycleway.

Help to put an end to this level of exposure

Please Support the Otley Road Cycleway
Many thanks to Wheel Easy members (and family and friends) who have emailed their support. We asked for your support in the last newsletter, but in case you missed it, we are asking again. The more emails we receive the more certain we can be that the Cycleway will go ahead.
Please email your support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway to . Also email if you have any questions about the plans. Your email can be as short or as detailed as you wish. It will be forwarded to the County and Borough councils and the Duchy of Lancaster which owns the Stray.
Construction of the Cycleway from Beech Grove to Harlow Moor Road is due to start in January and must be complete by March under the terms of the County’s successful bid.
Harrogate District Cycle Action (HDCA) strongly supports the Cycleway proposals. HDCA has been fully consulted and the plans include our key requirements, including priority for cyclists on Otley Road at junctions with side roads. The Cycleway will benefit pupils and staff cycling to Harrogate Grammar and other major schools on the western side of Harrogate, commuters to work on Harlow Hill and residents in and around Otley Road who want to be able to cycle safely from their homes.
The Otley Road Cycleway is an essential step towards a planned Harrogate-Knaresborough cycle superhighway and a first class cycle network in the Harrogate District.
This is really important. Thank you for your support.

The News Team