Nick’s Funeral

Wheel Easy members gathered at Slingsby Walk in a strong cold breeze, waiting for Nick to arrive. Things weren’t quite as expected, the fire engine arrived before Nick (retired fire service) but we were soon tucked in behind the hearse heading down Wetherby Road. I felt privileged to be part of his last journey and to be welcomed by Nick’s family.

The service really was a celebration of his life and the impact he had made on those around him. Extraordinarily moving at times with plenty of time to ponder as well as gain an understanding of the many facets of his life and personality. I had seen him mostly from his right or behind when riding with him, similarly my view of him as a person was limited and personal. The consensus was that he was a lovely man. Even when he was poorly he still had a ready smile and time for others.

Afterwards at the ‘World’s End’ we were able to share memories and meet his family and friends.

Thank you Nick for being a lovely man and sharing yourself with Wheel Easy. Wednesdays won’t be, indeed haven’t been, the same since your illness prevented you from joining us. You are missed.

For those who want to contribute to the collection being made in his memory here is the link