Great news, the long rides are to restart on Sunday 18th April!

Our intention is to go straight into the normal ride programme as per the website. However, since the rides will be 60 and 70+ miles, and it may be that some legs (!) will not yet be up to these distances, we’ll decide on the day whether we want to do the full ride or shorten it somehow. The routes will be up on the website so it will be worth riders considering route options beforehand.

If you are joining the long ride, there is still the requirement relating to Covid for members to register for Test and Trace beforehand using the simple form on the Website.  As there will be other Sunday rides from Hornbeam and we’ll not be too sure how many riders will be there, the long ride will as usual start from the bottom car park, nearest to the hotel.  Please bring your facemask, hand sanitiser, etc and go straight there to minimise congestion elsewhere in the car park.