Switching from using the Classic editor you have been using until now to the Blocks editor couldn’t be easier. The Blocks editor gives you much more flexibility and control over the layout and formatting of your Ride Report. Even better, your report will look great on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) without you having to do anything extra.

The video lasts 11:23 mins so grab a cup or glass of something and enjoy.

Because this is a step-by-step demonstration you can also follow along when creating your next ride report by opening it in a new window and switching between the two.

NB There is no audio in the video

Pro Tips

Once you begin using the Blocks editor please make sure the top Toolbar is turned on by selecting it from the Options menu – three stacked dots on the top right of the editing screen. If you need help have a look at this short video.

Working With Blocks – Full Tutorial

If you’d like a more detailed though generic look at how to use Blocks we have another tutorial here