Saturday p.m.

Excellent news for all those wanting to get along the Greenway – the path has been cleared.

And our thanks to those for clearing the way in a very short period of time.









Peter Lawley reported on Thursday that this beech tree is currently blocking the Greenway about 500 yards from the Ripley end.


Friday a.m.

We have now heard from Harrogate Borough Council  who advise that the path could be closed for a week to clear the tree.

“The Mountgarrett Estate have taped off the tree to warn cyclists and walkers etc.”

“There is access around although you do need to climb a banking around the tree (the tree is towards the Ripley end of the Greenway). The team from Mountgarret Estate suggested the tree [is unsafe] as it is still settling and may still move if people climb on it.”



Friday p.m.

Further to that, it now seems that work has started on the clearance.

Getting around and past the area whilst the work is ongoing is not easy and requires going down the bank, walking alongside the river and back up the steep bank – a task made all the more difficult by the soft earth and carrying a bike.

The workmen are understandably keen for people to keep their distance.

Avoiding this area would seem to be the best option at the moment.



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