If you are thinking of trying Wheel Easy just do it. It’s the only way to find out if Wheel Easy is right for you.

You can just turn up, or email in advance and if you would like to talk to someone we can call you. As long as you are healthy and your bike is in good working order you should be fine, though if you are a beginner or nervous cyclist then maybe contact us first. Bring some money – we hope you’ll join, and we like our café stops.

The same applies to cyclists visiting the area. For many, joining Wheel Easy rides will be an ideal way to find out what makes this such a great place to cycle. Non-members are also welcome to try the many cycle routes we have listed. Please note some may not be completely up to date. Wheel Easy is not responsible for any errors, or for any other problems when using our suggested routes.

Wheel Easy has about 300 members. Many hesitated for months or even years before they built up the courage to come along. Time and again people say they wish they’d come when they first heard about the club instead of finding reasons not to!

We have run courses for adults who want to enjoy cycling but who need help. Our members include very good cyclists who do long distances at speed, but from Day 1 (May 7th, 2006) our focus has been on leisure cycling. We go out in smallish groups of similar ability.

More about joining Wheel Easy