Cycling U.K. has produced a guide to being insured whilst on a bicycle & options for insuring your bicycle(s) covering subjects such as What type of Insurance is there? and Do I need Insurance?

Being a member of a cycling organisation such as Cycling U.K. is a very good start (membership includes free £10million liability insurance).

Traditionally people have home & contents insurance and then add bicycles on as named articles ………. but why not take out bicycle insurance with a cycle specific insurer and then add home & content insurance to this?

In addition Cycling U.K. has some tips on where to place your bike when locking it up & how to lock it. Luckily we don’t have a great deal of crime in the locality but prevention is still better than being without a bike & putting in insurance claims. Cycling U.K. say that more than half of thefts take place from the owner’s property so locking up your bicycle at home is imperative.

Which brings us on to Privacy Settings – if you use software such as RidewithGPS or Strava to record your rides it will most likely show where you start & finish your ride. Have a look at the Privacy Settings on the software – you should be able to hide your start & finish point by setting up a Privacy Zone – the bigger the radius of that zone the better.