Changes came into effect at the end of January that should improve safety & consideration for all road users.

Particular attention has been drawn to the new hierarchy of road users & the stated safe distance when overtaking cyclists but there are a number of other changes that are important such as relative priorities at junctions.

There is a surprisingly good summary and the definitive version on the government website. You can also order the highway code or view it on line.

A short video and more interpretation is available from Cycling Uk.

Below are a few common sense reminders for club rides:

  • By far the most important thing is to maintain road awareness, particularly behind you. This is especially true if you are deep in conversation with someone in your group, and does involve being able to look behind you either by turning or with a mirror.
  • Riding two abreast is fine where the road conditions are appropriate, but ideally reasonably close together and never three abreast or more. At other times single file is needed.
  • If a vehicle has been behind for a reasonable length of time, do consider pulling over where safe to do so to let them pass.
  • If a group does spread out for a period, consider leaving appropriate gaps to allow overtaking.

Please continue to obey the law; particularly observing red lights and not riding on the pavement.