We know that the scheme isn’t perfect but we very much believe that this is a vital investment for the town and support for it is very important (Gia Margolis)

A really important consultation is taking place between 20th July and 23rd August 2022. We need you to respond please, and ask your family and friends to do so too!

It’s a 3rd consultation on Harrogate Station Gateway, which has already passed two consultations. Apparently this consultation is due to a threat of legal action to block the project.

Harrogate Station Gateway represents a £10.9 million investment to make Harrogate town centre a nicer place for people to spend time, and to improve conditions for walking, cycling and accessing public transport.

The project will also transform conditions for walking and cycling to the town centre. The planned cycling infrastructure is, overall, high quality and to modern standards.

If the project doesn’t go ahead, Harrogate will lose the £10.9 million, which will have to be returned to central government.

This is a link to the consultation page, where you can find the survey.

Click here to check out Harrogate Cycle Action’s comments on the 3rd consultation.

It only takes 10 minutes so once again please respond, and if you can think of anyone you know who would like to see safer cycling in Harrogate and a more pleasant town centre, please ask them to respond too.

Thank you!