Sunday Rides

Sunday club rides have been up and running for a few weeks now, with small numbers gradually increasing. One of the bigger ad-hoc groups has now also returned to Hornbeam, and so there are now three rides on offer; a Medium around 25-39 miles, a Medium Plus around 40-65 miles, and a second Medium Plus (Brisk) on a different route with slightly faster groups. Whilst we remain on COVID Tier 1, we are ensuring COVID compliance by marshals who are checking riders have registered for Test and Trace and are ensuring no groups of more than 6 form, and this is working well. So just turn up and ride, but don’t forget to register for Test and Trace on the website – it only takes a few seconds and we are required to by law. If any other ad-hoc groups want to return to Hornbeam then your route can be added if you want a different one – just email .

Wednesday Rides

Until now, Wednesday rides had not been restarted partially to see how the Sunday rides went, and partially because we did not have a Wednesday ride programme to follow, as traditionally routes have been decided by volunteer leaders or by consensus on the day. However, in response to the member survey, we plan to restart from tomorrow (Wed 14 Oct), initially with one Medium ride using a new schedule which will be published on the Ride Calendar, and will continue if there is sufficient demand. Again, just turn up and ride, but don’t forget to register for Test and Trace on the website

Short Rides

Short rides have not been added to the Sunday / Wednesday rides because often they need a ride leader, and we need volunteers and the ability to limit rides to 6 including the leader, so instead we have set up an email group which we hope will get short rides going again soon. If you want to be included, or if you want to help by offering to lead a short ride then please email and we will add you.

Long Rides

There has not been much demand expressed for long rides as most are probably riding in their own groups or solo, but if there is interest then an email or WhatsApp group could be set up – let us know if you want to try this.