There are differing views on the question of restarting some form of Club rides, but after careful consideration by the Board/Committee it has been agreed that we should try to do this in a limited form within the current Government regulations and the guidance from British Cycling and Cycling UK. Research also suggests that one or two Clubs are now restarting, including Cappuccinos, and although this is not a reason for Wheel Easy to do the same, it is felt that we should try in a limited way and see how it goes.

Accordingly, a limited form of Club Rides on Sundays only will start on Sunday 6th September. There will still be no official Wednesday Rides for the time being. The first two to three Sundays will be a trial to see how the process works, with a view to extending only when it is clear that the arrangements are safe and satisfactory. The routes will be the Medium and the Medium Plus with two groups for each route and a maximum of 6 riders in each group . There will be a simple booking in system on the Website and Members will only be able to join a ride by booking and will not be able to just turn up on the day.

Bookings will be on a first come first served basis, will open on a Monday morning no later than 12-00 noon for the following Sunday and will close on Friday at 12-00 midnight. As it will not be possible to automatically close the booking system when the rides are full, an email will be sent on Saturday to those who have booked to confirm whether or not they have secured a place.

These arrangements are, of course, subject to there being no change in the current Government regulations and the guidance from British Cycling and Cycling UK

Those who are already in settled groups of 6 riders or less are encouraged to continue with such groups for the time being so that the Sunday groups are open to those members who have not for one reason or another formed a “social bubble riding group” and also to enable those potential new members who have been in touch with us during lockdown to come along and ride with us.

Vince Grealy has very kindly devoted some time and effort in setting up the Booking system on the Club Website (see Link below). It includes the detailed requirements that members will need to know and observe for joining a ride, together with links to the Risk Assessment we are required to have in place and to a Waiver, all of which John Hackett has, in turn, kindly spent some time putting together and refining. Members are urged to look at all these as soon as reasonably possible as they will not be able to book in without confirming that they have read and accept them and it may affect their decision whether to join a ride or not.

Here is the link to the Booking page: but please do not try to book in at the moment as the system will not go live until Monday 31st August

We have tried to make the system and the documents as cleared and as straight forward as possible bearing in mind the complex situation we are dealing with, but if there are any queries please email to: and we will try and send a reply as soon as reasonably possible.

All the best to everyone and stay safe.

The News Team