Thanks to all those who voted for the club kit options in the recent poll. Just over half the membership voted. There was a clear winner in the design (the Fade), but the two most popular colour options (blue and red) got a reasonably close number of votes each. Having discussed it at length, we have decided that we could run with both so people can choose.  However, we will only go ahead if enough people indicate they would be likely to buy one; the objective is to have a new club kit design that many will wear so there is no point for low numbers.

To be clear, each design would be available in any of the options below and, for the initial purchase only, the club would potentially subsidise to around £5 per garment, so the expected maximum prices are also shown. If there are greater numbers it will be less.

  • short sleeve jersey (men’s and women’s fit) £49
  • long sleeve jersey (men’s and women’s fit) £55
  • winter jacket (men’s and women’s fit) £85
  • lightweight gilet (unisex) £44

If there is enough interest, we could also include matching gloves (long or short), shoe covers, arm and leg warmers and possibly a cap. Prices to be confirmed.

So to give an idea of numbers please vote below. This is not a commitment – just to help us understand if it is worth going ahead, so if you don’t vote you might not get the option. PLEASE VOTE BY FRIDAY 24 JUNE 22. 

Vote now closed. We are working on the final design.