Welcome to your 2024 Rider Guide

Thank you for participating and we hope you have an enjoyable day.

Your 2024 Rider Guide comes in two flavours:

  • you can download your own copy from here
  • you can read all about it on this page

You can do both of them of course 🙂

The guide contains everything you need to know to be ready to rise to your chosen challenge. Inside and below you’ll find information and links to all the routes and venues, plus instructions about what to do on the day.

Ride Start Times

100 miles start between 07:15 and 08:00
60 miles start between 09:30 and 10:30
40 miles start between 10:30 and 11:30

You will have received an email confirming your exact start time. Please remember to be ready to ride at least 10 minutes before your allocated start time.


Steve Bungay: 07852 991232
Steve will be at the hockey club all day from 7am to start you off and welcome you back.


  • Wheel Easy Challenge Rides are not races. They are purely social events and any mention of ‘groups’ or ‘teams’ is just for fun;
  • The refreshments at the finish are not just to revitalise tired riders – they are part of the social nature of the event, so please join us if you can.

We look forward to seeing you on the ride, and for food and drinks afterwards where we can all share our Challenge Ride tales!
Have a great ride and be safe,

Steve Bungay, Tim Swanwick, John Carey, Vince Grealy and James Grimshaw

Section 1 – Routes

Follow the link below to view and download all routes

Show me the Routes

Section 2 – Venues

Follow the link below to view full details of all venues including maps and links to each venue’s web site

Take me to the Venues

The Hockey Club is the start and finish for all rides.

Hosts: Steve Bungay (Gia and Sandra for post-ride refreshments)
Refreshments: Pizzas, tea, coffee. You can purchase other drinks from the bar.

PLEASE NOTE the Hockey Club has new flooring upstairs and have asked all riders to respect the space by wearing ordinary footwear and not cycling shoes/cleats. Downstairs and toilets are not affected by this.

Look Out for the Wheel Easy Feather

As you approach each of the feed stations look out for our new feather flag indicating the exact location of the feed stop.

There are toilet facilities, scrumptious food, hot and cold drinks and track pumps available at each and every feed station.

The e-bike charging point will be at Coxwold Village Hall feed station.

Our support cars will be based at the Coxwold, and Snape feed stations.

Aldborough Village Hall is at 18 miles for 40 milers, 47 for 60 milers and 24 for 100 milers.

Hosts: Alison, Peter and Liz P.
Refreshments: coffee & cake

Please do not enter the main hall area wearing cleated cycling shoes because you might damage the floor.
You will still have access to WC facilities within the building of course.

Coxwold Village Hall at 39 miles for 60 milers and 20 miles for 40 milers

Hosts: Helen, Colette and daughter Ella, Mike W (support, recovery ).
Refreshments: drinks, sandwiches and cake

E-bike battery charging available for 100 and 60 milers. You must provide your own charger. Please see below for all the details.

Snape Village Institute at 52 and 73 miles for 100 milers

Hosts: Roger, Vince and James ( support, recovery )
Refreshments: drinks and cake

Safety Warning
On the approach to Snape village there is a left-hand turn with an adverse camber at the junction between Salmon Lane and The Avenue (see map above). Please slow down and take extra care because a number of Wheel Easy members and other cyclists have fallen at this point in the past.

Section 3 – General and Safety

E-biker Rider Support

For the first time this year we are able to provide additional support for e-bike riders who want to undertake the 60 or 100 mile rides.

To alleviate any ‘range anxiety’ you can leave your charger with the registration team at the Hockey Club at the start of the event and it will be taken by one of our volunteers to Coxwold Village Hall for the 100 mile and 60 mile riders. Once you arrive at Coxwold feed station you’ll be able to plug in and top-up your battery either inside or outside of the venue.

Please make sure you mark your charger clearly with your name and ride mileage so it gets to the right place for you.

Our volunteers will return your charger to the Hockey Club after the Coxwold feed station has closed ready for you to pick up on your return.

Mark your charger clearly with your name and ride mileage because failing to do that will mean our volunteers will not know where to take it so it will be left at the Hockey Club.

Start and Finish

The event will start and finish at Harrogate Hockey Club, adjacent to Harrogate High School on Ainsty Road, off Claro Road, HG1 4AP.
There is car parking space at the club, if required. We have been asked not to park in the grounds of the High School.

Free pizza awaits you at the finish, and the bar of the Hockey Club will be open to riders and supporters throughout the afternoon (payment by card only).


Each rider will have been allocated to a group, either by request or, as far as possible, on the basis of matching pace. 
We are not providing group leaders so groups are more than welcome to make their own leadership/back-marking and navigational arrangements.
Should any group split, perhaps for reason of pace, please report the change at the next feed station.

Essential Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Basic tools, inner tubes and pump
  • Drink bottle(s)
  • Basic first aid kit (recommended) and mobile phone
  • Lights and high visibility clothing (on days where fog or rain is forecast or where light is likely to be reduced)

Support, Safety and Etiquette

Please carry a fully charged mobile phone to which you have added the event contact numbers you can find below.

In case of an emergency (ICE) please carry with you your ICE contact’s name and phone number in an easily accessible place.

For safety reasons please make sure you report to an organiser at each feed station, and at the finish, so they can record your arrival.

If you need assistance, whether for a mechanical problem or retirement from the ride, please telephone either control or one of the support cars using the numbers on the next page.

To ensure your own safety that of other riders and road users, and pedestrians please ride within the Wheel Easy guidance provided on our website at Wheel Easy Guides

If the weather is forecast to be hot and sunny, please make sure you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids throughout your ride. We have some very useful guidelines on our website at Protection from the Sun and Cycling UK offer general guidance for cycling in hot weather here.

Please Note
The routes will not be signposted so you will need to make sure you have some way of navigating (eg GPS unit and even paper maps!).

Contact Numbers and ICE

Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you on the ride.


Please add this number to your mobile phone before you ride.
Steve Bungay: 07852 991232
Steve will be at the hockey club all day from 7am

Ride Support Volunteers

Mike W is based at Coxwold
James is based at Snape.

Ride Support Volunteers

Mike W is based at Coxwold
James is based at Snape.

If you need assistance from one of our ride support volunteers eg if you have to abandon or have an technical problem you can’t sort out yourself please call Steve on 07852 991232

Please bear in mind that the ride support car may be on the road when you call.
If no one answers straightaway please leave a voice message and your call will be returned.

If you do need assistance from one of our support volunteers please make sure you and your bike are safely off the carriageway and you know how to use your mobile phone’s map to pinpoint your location.

We recommend using the what3words app as used by the emergency services.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Whilst we hope the event will be accident free, if there is an accident then please use your normal cyclist’s common sense and, if it is serious:

  • ensure someone in your group takes charge;
  • ensure the casualty is safe, comfortable and kept warm;
  • if required, call 999;
  • manage the traffic and clear the carriageway if possible;
  • call the rider’s emergency contact (ICE) and advise what has happened.

It’s also very useful if someone can make notes as to what happened (either at the time or after the event whilst it is still fresh in their mind), take photos, and take the names of group riders and any other witnesses.

Please have someone report the details to the Control/ICE number above as soon as possible, and provide an update on their return to the Hockey Club.

Before setting off, please also look at the item on our website First Aid for Cyclists


If you don’t yet have the What3Words app to pinpoint your location should you need to call the emergency services, we recommend you download it on to your phone and acquaint yourself with how it works before the ride as it’s highly likely they will ask you for your what3words location.

You can find out more and download what3words here.