Wheel Easy Clothing

We are in the process of producing new club kit. The details below are for the current kit and will continue to be available for the time being. More details will be published soon.

The club clothing supplier is Force GB, a Yorkshire-based company who offer us the following features:

With cycling clothing, personal taste can have an impact on the size you choose.  Force GB manufactures cycling clothing for a wide variety of cyclists and, whilst not ultra-tight, using the chart on their website will generally give a snug fit.  Generally, for a looser/comfort fit you should step up a size from their recommended sizes.  For those who already have clothing from the previous supplier Endura, for a similar fit it is again likely you’ll need to go up a size with Force GB.

Gilets and Jackets are sized to fit over a jersey.

A good way to get your size right is to try on a jersey from another member of similar size to you.  This will help you to decide whether you are the same size or need to go up/down a size to get the fit and feel you require.

If you have any queries about sizing do not hesitate to contact Force GB direct as they are keen to assist.