Wheel Easy Clothing

The club clothing supplier is Force GB, a Yorkshire-based company who offer us the following features:

With cycling clothing, personal taste can have an impact on the size you choose.  Force GB manufactures cycling clothing for a wide variety of cyclists and, whilst not ultra-tight, using the chart on their website will generally give a snug fit.  Generally, for a looser/comfort fit you should step up a size from their recommended sizes.  For those who already have clothing from the previous supplier Endura, for a similar fit it is again likely you’ll need to go up a size with Force GB.

Gilets and Jackets are sized to fit over a jersey.

A good way to get your size right is to try on a jersey from another member of similar size to you.  This will help you to decide whether you are the same size or need to go up/down a size to get the fit and feel you require.

If you have any queries about sizing do not hesitate to contact Force GB direct as they are keen to assist.