Things are finally happening in Harrogate! Two active travel consultations are open, and we need you to support the schemes.

We believe these ideas are popular, but some people will always be against changes that make it safe to get around by bike. It’s vital to tell the county council that you support the changes – otherwise all the hard work to get this far could be wasted.

Active Travel Fund

The Active Travel Fund schemes are Oatlands Drive, Victoria Avenue and the A59 Knaresborough Road.

Details of the schemes are here. Consultation is divided into two phases: Phase 1 is about whether the locations chosen are suitable, and Phase 2 will concern the details of the schemes. Phase 1 is open, and it only takes about 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Please do the survey. Time is short as the deadline is 23rd February.

The schemes are really good, and already have government funding, which could be lost unless there is enough local support.

Beech Grove

Changes to Beech Grove should be put in place at the start of this week, on a 6-month trial basis.

The details of the Beech Grove scheme are set out here. Consultation is by email to Area 6 (). The case for modal filters is set out in Why Do We Need a Modal Filter on Beech Grove?

The deadline for comments is 14th August 2021 – but you could send a quick email this week, and a follow-up this Summer.


For more information see Harrogate Cycle Action website.