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2019 AWAYDAYS- Joining the Mailing List

NOTE: This information is only for those riders not already on the Awayday Mailing list.
As you may be aware we have,over the past few years run a successful Awayday programme of rides.
This is where we start away from Harrogate and do a ride in a different area(often the Dales or Wolds). The start of the ride is usually about 1-1.5 hours away and you need to transport your own bike although we try to help those who do not have transport to get a lift. The rides are around 35/40 miles with about 800/1000m of climbing over the day.
If you are not already involved and would be interested in joining in these rides then read on…..
The format of the rides are that there will be a limit of 24 riders split into 2 groups.
To get the information for the rides you have to be registered.
Ride information will ONLY be sent to those who have registered interest in the rides and you will have to book a place on a ‘first come first served’ basis (details of how to register are set out below).
We published the date at the end of last year and hopefully you will have seen them.
The confirmed dates are the same as the one published earlier but for clarity these are:-
20th March
17th April – From Grimwith
15th May – From Kettlewell
19th June – From Appleby
24th July – From Sandal, Wakefield
21st August
18th September
16th October
Ride Planners:
Last year we had some great rides planned by Club Members and we are looking for people to offer to plan and lead a ride on one of the dates above(August has already been taken). We have already had a couple of offers but would welcome more. Colin and I are happy to help with planning etc and we will sort out the ride leaders for the other group.
If your interested in having a go then contact Kevin with the date you would be able to lead a ride and I will send the basic format of the Awayday for you to look at and see if your ride works.
Group Leaders:
If you don’t fancy planning a ride but want to help then leading a group is the next best thing! We had quite a few people offering to lead a group last year and it seemed to worked well( at least no one said otherwise)
You need to have a Garmin/map knowledge to download the route and be happy to lead the group.As group leader you are guaranteed a place on the ride. Things generally work out well but you need to be prepared to make decisions if not! Its not too difficult a task as everyone helps out.
If you are prepared to act as a group leader the let me know- this can be on a ride by ride basis.

What do I need to do now?
If you would like to receive the information about the Awayday rides then you need to send your e-mail address to Kevin Douglas( e-mail: and you will be added to the mailing list. We will then send you details of the ride when they are ready (usually 2/3 weeks before a ride takes place).

Hope all the above is clear but if not then e-mail Kevin and I will try to answer any queries you may have.
Kevin and Colin


Have a look here for details of previous rides or use the main menu under cycle routes.

An example:  Easingwold

Ride Start point : Easingwold
Ride Distance: 38 miles
Climbing : 800 metres ( approx)
Ride Description:
The ride starts in the centre of Easingwold and goes out towards Coxwold, Ampleforth, Nunnington, Slingsby ( going past Castle Howard),Terrington,Bransby and Crayke and back. If the weather is good we should get good views of York Minster and the castle at Sherriff Hutton from along the ridge.
Route Map:

Car Parking : Behind the Galtres Leisure Centre,Crabmill Lane YO61 3BU
Cost :               Free All day
Toilets In the Market Square (300m) or in the Leisure Centre(50m) – both free

Refreshment Stops:
Pre- ride:                          Curious Table, Easingwold Tel: 01347-823434
Coffee Stop(11 miles) :   Ampleforth Abbey Tea rooms Tel: 01439-766868
Lunch( 28 miles) :          EJ’s Tea Room,Yorkshire Lavender,Terrington Tel: 01653648008
(Note: Ring and check opening times as they may vary)